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kaomoji x Doki Doki Literature Club

In 2018, we were thrilled to announce our exclusive official collaboration with Team Salvato for a 
Doki Doki Literature Club! x kaomoji merchandise line.

The clothing collection consists of four graphic T-shirts, one of each club member.

Just Monika

Monika - T-shirt

Channel your inner literature club president with kaomoji's "Just Monika" T-shirt. This piece mingles the charm of your favorite visual novel with the simplicity of early internet graphics. Monika's outlined artwork takes center stage, surrounded by playful text references that hint at her digital origins.


Original Fangster

Natsuki - T-shirt

Step into a world where manga and moe meet with kaomoji's "Original Fangster" Natsuki T-shirt. Flaunting Natsuki's signature fangs in a minimalist sketch, this tee is a nod to manga charm with a side of sass. Pink accents highlight her playful side, making it a staple for those who wear their love for manga on their sleeve.



Yuri - T-shirt

Step into the serene world of literature with kaomoji's "Vice-President Yuri" T-shirt. This shirt captures Yuri's thoughtful essence with a detailed, monochrome design, framed by her favorite purple flowers. It's a subtle celebration of her character, perfect for those who share her passion for stories and quiet moments.


Happy Thoughts

Sayori - T-shirt

Surround yourself with the sunshine of the Literature Club with kaomoji's "Happy Thoughts Sayori" T-shirt. Featuring Sayori's cheerful smile framed by her own hopeful words, this shirt is a heartwarming tribute to her character. The light blue script brings a splash of color, symbolizing her bright but complex personality.



This exclusive collection was only available through our webshop and has now sold out. There are no plans for a reprint.