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Step into Gensokyo with our Touhou clothing collection! T-Shirts and Hoodies with a Unisex, boxy fit inspired by Y2K, featuring Remilia, Flandre, Reimu, Marisa, and Cirno designs from the best Danmaku game. All designs have a Minimalistic and cozy style. Shop now anime streetwear T-Shirts and hoodies for Touhou fans.

Disclaimer: Our Touhou-inspired clothing collection is not affiliated with ZUN, Team Shanghai Alice, or any official Touhou Project entities. It's a fan-made creation crafted with love for the Touhou community.

About Touhou Project (東方Project)

Step into the exciting world of Touhou Project, a series of games with lots of bullet-dodging action by Team Shanghai Alice. (ZUN) These games take place in the magical land of Gensokyo, filled with interesting characters and stories.

Check out our Touhou-inspired clothing collection! Our comfy T-shirts and hoodies, made from soft cotton, have a relaxed fit and a trendy Y2K style. They're for everyone and feel cozy. The designs are simple but cool, giving you that awesome anime streetwear vibe. Dive into the Touhou magic with our clothes and show off your love for this awesome universe!

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