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This month's Vibe Check had been delayed due to all your lovely support for the Black Friday sales!
We worked hard to get everything out as fast as we could! :)
This month, it seems everyone agreed on ONE topic!!!


Quentin: "It's my first time going to phantasialand! I really enjoyed all the super fast coasters, there were barely any queues! It was super cold too so maybe I should've worn a warmer jacket haha T_T"


James: "Hallo! My second visit to Phantasialand (no this is not a sponsored post haha) and I decided to bring the kaomoji team with me! I love all the coasters and attractions. A really cozy and nice theme park. 10/10 would recommend. :-)"


Dave: "It was my first time going to Phantasialand and also my first time even hearing about it. It really blew my expectations out of the water with crazy flying launching roller coasters!! Definitely going back next year!"



Lishu: "I didn't know what to expect from Phantasialand, but I was def surprised with all the cool rollercoasters they had! I'm not a fan of loopings, but they had enough rollercoasters without!!! Unlike Quentin I did bundle up so it wasn't too cold for me that day. If you're ever nearby the park, please check it out! Incredibly worth it!"



Chun: "Phantasialand was as awesome as ever!! (compared to the rest I am a frequent visitor) The newest coaster is a BLAST!! I also had a unique experience this time: my mobile decided to escape my pocket and got blown away mid ride. They couldn't just stop the attraction because of one phone, so I had to wait till the park closed. And they actually managed to find my phone!! The backside of my phone is smashed to smithereens, and you can legit see the hardware, but hey it is still working 😂"


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