You may or may not have noticed.... but we just launched a new collection! (if the latter is the case, you clearly are not following us on Instagram nor are you in our official Discord server, which you should be, because you are missing out!)

Some of you might be one of the lucky few that get to the College collection early! We'll be selling all the items at Dutch Comic Con this weekend (the 19th and 20th of November).  ^___^

If you can't make it there, don't worry! All items from the new collection are up for pre-order NOW!

Inspired by the cozy winter months and going back to school, we've launched our College 🎒 Collection!



This design features brand new original artwork by ぬくぬくにぎりめし (nukunukunigirimeshi)! 
The original character on the back is ready to go to school! she even has her cute bunny with her, which is also featured on the front. 🐰

This design is avalibe on a black t-shirt, on a white t-shirt (in blue), on a hoodie and sticker! 

Isekai / Daisuki

Isekai! Daisuki! These brand new (college inspired) designs feature your favorite anime tropes! 
Both designs are avalibe as sweaters (in 3 different colors!), as t-shirt and on a sticker!😵‍💫


Combining the concept of the above mentioned designs, we're introducing Academia! 🏫
This design features both orignial artwork from ぬくぬくにぎりめし (nukunukunigirimeshi) as well as a college inspired font design!
Academia is avalibe on a black shirt, a white shirt (in red), on a hoodie and of course a sticker!


The pre-order sale is live right now! Pre-orders will be shipped at the mid December and will have additional goodies packed with them! So what are you waiting for? Go check it out, right here

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