Genshin Impact: The Story Of The Wanderer

Genshin Impact: The Story Of The Wanderer

"Say hello to the guy with the big hat and unique outfit—my personal favorite, Wanderer, or as you might know him, Scaramouche. He stands out from the other Genshin Impact characters, and that's what makes me interested in him. Join me as we unravel the mystery behind his character and dive into his intriguing backstory."

By the way… This is a
spoiler warning If you haven't reach the areas Inazuma and Sumeru since I’m going to talk about his backstory and everything about him! :3

The Creation Of The Puppet

Ei, the Archon of Inazuma, created a prototype puppet as a test, initially planning to discard it. However, the puppet showed emotions, and Ei, not wanting to be cruel, sealed its powers and set it free. Despite Ei's good intentions, the puppet, viewing Ei as both creator and mother, felt rejected and developed a distorted image, valuing power over Ei.

Betrayals In Tatarasuna

The puppet found refuge in Tatarasuna after being discovered by Katsuragi. Nagamasa's group called him the Kabukimono because he didn't have a name back then. He even made friends with Niwa, a bladesmith. Manipulation by Dottore in the forging process caused tragedy. Dottore, a member of the Fatui, went to Tatarasuna for some secret plans. He pretended to be someone else and altered the way they crafted weapons using something called Crystal Marrow. But here's the problem: the Marrow was harmful because it originated from a creature named Orobashi and caused harm to people over time.


Kabukimono realized the danger and sought assistance from the Shogun. While this was happening, Dottore killed Niwa Hisahide. Kabukimono tried to get help from the Shogun, but it didn't work. When he came back, Dottore lied and said Niwa ran away, leaving people in trouble. Kabukimono went to clean up the place with a box Dottore gave him but found a gross human heart inside. Dottore said Niwa killed someone and gave it to him on purpose. He left Tatarasuna after this incident.. This was his second betrayal.

Later on, he became friends with a sick boy from Tatarasuna, whose parents were craftspeople. The boy promised to be like family, but sadly, he passed away, breaking his promise to always be with Kabukimono. This was the third betrayal in the Kabukimono's life, and after that, he started wandering across Inazuma.

Later, Kabukimono met Pierro from the Fatui. He joined them, and they unlocked his special powers through experiments. Leading missions and becoming The Balladeer also called Scaramouche, he worked for the Fatui on secret missions worldwide. 
Scaramouche caused chaos in Inazuma's famous bladesmithing practices, the Raiden Gokaden, seeking revenge against "the bladesmith" (Niwa). He took on the name "Kunikuzushi" and sabotaged the Isshin Art, making all craftsmen create faulty blades. 

Vagrant From Inazuma

From this moment forward, the timeline also follows in the game!
Scaramouche appears as "???" during the "Unreconciled Stars" event quest (1.1 event), posing as a wanderer from Inazuma. Initially friendly, he turns hostile upon discovering the Traveler's true identity. Mona steps in to help the Traveler escape. Later, Scaramouche reveals that he arrived in Liyue to investigate mysterious meteorites. In a dream, he realizes the stars and sky are a "lie," manipulated by Pierro who intentionally sent him without forewarning what would happen.

Escape With The Electro Gnosis

Scaramouche returns in the 'Floating World Under the Moonlight' event quest (2.1 event). He went to Inazuma to oversee making something called Delusions. He faced the Traveler, recognized them, and tried to trick them into trouble with the old gods. Yae Miko stepped in, offering Ei's Gnosis to keep the Traveler safe, and Scaramouche agreed. After getting the Gnosis and Signora's death, Scaramouche stopped talking to the Fatui, making them think he went his own way. Childe tried to find him in Inazuma but couldn't.

Becoming The New God "Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal"

With Dottore's assistance, the sages from Sumeru Akademiya attempted to transform Scaramouche into a new God of Wisdom named "Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal.This happened in the "Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises" event quest (3.2 event). He gained a follower named Haypasia and showed off his power to the Traveler, throwing lightning at Pardis Dhyai. The Traveler, with Nahida's help, defeated him by removing the Electro Gnosis that powered his new form, putting him into a coma. Nahida took him into custody and hid him in a secret place. 

Scaramouche's Erasure From Irminsul

After recovering, Scaramouche, with no allies after Dottore left, made a deal with Nahida. He agreed to search Irminsul for her and help the Traveler, despite being on uneasy terms with them. While investigating, Nahida unveiled the true events of the Tatarasuna incident, which were orchestrated by Dottore. Scaramouche decided to give his friends a second chance by erasing his identity from Irminsul. Irminsul is a tree that holds all the information and memories of Teyvat. This left his former seat empty for hundreds of years but didn't change the tragedies that happened.

Reborn As The Wanderer

The Traveler found Scaramouche, now known as The Wanderer in Sumeru with no memory of his past. With Nahida's help, his memories were restored. He also received an Anemo vision from the gods. Although he chose to keep wandering, he promised to assist the Traveler covertly and sought revenge against Dottore. 

What Do I Think Of Him?...

"I think he has one of the most interesting lore in Genshin Impact. I also feel really bad for him. Despite his tough attitude, there's more to him beneath the surface, and learning about his struggles makes me appreciate him and this game even more. His outfit, especially that fancy hat, gives him a cool and unique style—both in his old and new outfit! :3 By the way, I've liked Scaramouche since the Genshin Impact 1.1 event when he first showed up. That event made me a fan, and I've enjoyed seeing more of his character since then. I must say that his backstory is quite complex to explain, so I hope that this helps you understand him more!"

- Myst (☆ω☆*)


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