Vibe Check June 2023

Vibe Check June 2023

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A monthly blog where we share our experiences from the past month. We highlight what made it special for us. Thank you for joining us!


hello gamer, what did you play this month? :O

gamer time 👍this month, i got hooked on project zomboid and inscryption. zomboid is intense survival horror where strategy and resource management are crucial. (i died a lot) inscryption combines card game, puzzle, and horror elements, keeping you guessing with every decision. both games captivated me with their unique vibe and stories. i liked inscryption so much, i finished it in just a week!


Wait- is that Jessica?? Or is that Scaramouche???!

on the creative grind hehehe

this is crazyyy, I’ve been having more motivation to do more creative things like drawing, animating, cosplaying, sewing etc etc- I feel like I’ve drawn a lot more than previous months and I even cosplayed as the one and only Scaramouche when I went to Dutch Comic Con! So I’m feeling pretty chill and relaxed hehe~ Hopefully I can create more awesome stuff next month and I will definitely will finish the “power wind, slicked back hair” animation since I’ve already began with animating that one and It’s already really cute 😭😭



Rocking the dark circles as usual i see, can you tell us about your month?

send help pls

When asking one of my friends how he would describe my month in one word, he immediately said: “chaotic”, and that couldn’t be more true.It was hot outside, I was sleep deprived the whole month (still am tbh) and had to go to the hospital xd

But hey!! I’m better now! Luckily there are also many good things that happened this month. I started learning how to do hand poke tattoos, and i’ve already done some cool pieces on myself :)))I also made some Twitch emotes for a friend, which made me go outside my art comfort zone, which is a very good thing.Attended some cons and ate an ungodly amount of sunflower seeds hahaha. Also started working on my Japanese again by using a language exchange app.

All in all, a VERY chaos filled month, but I wouldn’t have it any other way :’)




Uh oh, i think James might be tired...

hoooonk shooooo, honk shooo ~


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Stay tuned for the adventures we encounter in next month's vibe check. :D
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Hope that you guys get a huge blessing this month <3 also early birthday Quentin :))


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