Vibe Check April 2024

Vibe Check April 2024

Welcome to the Monthly Vibe Check!

A monthly blog where we share our experiences from the past month. We highlight what made it special for us. Thank you for joining us!

This April's vibecheck is all about: wonderlands x showtime, a very cute drawing, final fantasy xiv and meeting crash mccreery!! ( ˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵ )




a cute drawing i wanna share!!!

"i just wanna share you this cute drawing of pompompurin and macaroon!!!! this can be found at fresh tea in dusseldorf"

it's pompompurin and macaroon!!! :3




Final Fantasy 14 XIV

"a new obsession of mine is Final Fantasy 14. I played it before around 2021 and got to about lvl 31 before i lost interest. now with the new upcoming release of dawntrail the community got alot more active and I started playing again. i am now level 60!"

more epic gaming




autism awareness month 

"april was autism awareness month so time to make everyone aware of my biggest interest atm: wonderlands x showtime!! :3 this month i got tons of wonderlands x showtime merch from japan and i got to make my wxs itabag :D

wonderlands x showtime is a group from a vocaloid rhythm game called project sekai! they’re a group of four performers at a themepark who want to make people happy with their shows. i love their energy and personalities, and their super fun and upbeat music :3"





i went to playgrounds!!

"heeyyy :DD
i went to playgrounds this week, it was super fun!!
i met crash mccreery!! o(≧v≦)o that was really amazing!!"

waw so cool!!!


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Stay tuned for the adventures we encounter in next month's vibe check :D

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