Happy 7 year anniversary!
Kuma Bundle • Plush
Kuma Bundle • Plush
Kuma Bundle • Plush
Kuma Bundle • Plush
Kuma Bundle • Plush
Kuma Bundle • Plush
Kuma Bundle • Plush

Kuma Bundle • Plush

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Original design by: kaomoji®

Now you can get both for a discounted price!
Perfect for at home, shopping and everyday adventures.
Bring both your Kuma plushies with you!

– 100% Ultra soft Minky Fabric
– 30 cm AND 25 cm Plush
– Cute arms and legs
– Durable Embroidered face
– Fluffy pillow filling
– kaomoji Label of authenticity

Please remove all filling before washing, plush may need to be petted into shape. 

The long-awaited Kuma Plush now available on our 7th anniversary! 🤩

We’ve developed 2 variants, the 25cm and 30cm version.
Apart from the size difference the latter also has it’s little paws stuck to it’s body, but you can always easily release them by cutting the thread if you wish to do so! ✨

Both plushies come with a birth certificate that the owner themselves must sign to fully adopt it 😊.
The birth certificate also features washing instructions so you can take the best possible care of your plush!

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*Only orders placed
before 12 September 2022

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