Q&A: Meet Kaori Momiji!

Q&A: Meet Kaori Momiji!

You might've seen her on our social media and in Discord, but who is she exactly? We made a Q&A box on our Instagram stories a little while ago and saw your questions for her. Now Kaori is here to answer (almost) all of them for you!

How are you? (:

"I’m doing really well! Thank you for asking! Now that the weather has cooled down, I can wear my hoodies again! Probably not for long though, it’s summer after all."

Hope your week goes great!

"This week was so good! It cooled down a little so now my electronics weren’t overheating when I was playing games or whatever! These last few days I decided to play some Animal Crossing and Breath of The Wild with friends over at Twitch!"

All time favourite anime?

"I watch quite some anime, but my favorite series CURRENTLY has to be the Fruits Basket reboot! All three seasons were amazing. When it comes to my favorite anime movie, it has to be The Secret World of Arrietty!"

kaori momiji arrietty cosplay june 2021 kaomoji

Opinions on anime in general?

"I’m loving it! The animation is always so impressive, it’s only a shame that the animators don’t get paid enough. I try to support them in any way I can!"

What to do when bored?

"I mostly go on Discord to interact with my online friends, maybe play some amogus ඞ"

Favourite boba flavor?

"I tried a watermelon flavor not too long ago, it’s really good!! But for me it has to be lychee!"

Fav. Monster flavor?

"The blue one!"

Favorite food?

"Albert Heijn frikandelbroodje (bread with sauce and a sausage)!"

What's the most sussy thing about Kaori?

"Perhaps that I keep choosing the red crewmember in Among Us ඞ. Red is sus is a meme, and so I get voted off a lot. BUT I JUST WANT TO BE MY FAVE COLOR! 😳"

kaori momiji among us red is sus june 2021 kaomoji

What is her favorite kaomoji clothing item?

"My favorite has to be the Sakura Sayonara hoodie, mostly because of the flowers added on top. It’s such a cute thing to add to their typical color scheme! It’s also big and comfortable <3"

How tall is Kaori?

"I am 154cm!"

How much can Kaori lift?

"Two apples at least!! Maybe one whole mango if I try hard enough..."

Is Kaori right handed, left handed or ambidextrous?

"I’m mostly right handed! Some tasks I do with my left because it’s somehow easier to me? So I’m not completely sure 😳" 

And are you one of the new merch characters?


kaori momiji shhh june 2021 kaomoji

That brings the Q&A to a close! Have you gotten to know her better? 😳
Let's hope you have, she'll be popping up more and more!

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