Kaomoji's Favorite Anime!

Kaomoji's Favorite Anime!

Hey you, you like anime right? We here at kaomoji HQ love our fair share of anime. It should have been clear since we have anime styled artworks on our clothing, so here's the small reminder. 😳
There's a repeating question that was asked to everyone who watched anime at least once; "What's your favorite anime?". We won't make you wait any longer, here are our favorites that have a special spot in our hearts.


Quentin is a man of a few words, but doesn’t that pique interest you even more?
His favorite anime, Serial Experiments Lain is a show from 1998, the same year he was born in. It’s not talked about a lot these days, so maybe after reading the synopsis, this could become your new favorite!

Here are the genres and rating: Dementia, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi, Supernatural. Rated 17+

Quentin: "Lain is super cute and the story is very cool and creepy. It will really get you thinking about your life decisions.."


Made in Abyss, a big favorite of 2017 to many people, including James. He talked about it earlier, but here’s an extra reminder as to why you should watch it! (Do it, make him proud.)

Here are the genres and rating: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy. Rated 17+

James: "One of my favorite animes. Holy shit the worldbuiling is just amazing. It may look as a cute anime at first but don't let the cuteness fool you lol. TW: GORE. (I mean, they go down into an abyss. What can you expect haha) Oh, and music by Kevin Penkin 😩 Just too good. 13 episodes only and a movie!"


Just like Quentin, Dave also doesn’t have a lot to say about his favorite anime, Hunter x Hunter. This one, however, is more known in the community. Rated with a 9.07 and on spot number 6 in the top anime.

Here are the genres and rating: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power. Rated PG-13

Dave: "it was a good show idk what else to say lol"
So to find out more, you should probably go try and watch it. 😳


Lish is sharing her very first anime with you! She even watched it in one of the safest ways you could in the 2010’s. Tokyo Mew Mew has influenced her heavily growing up. Even now you can find traces of it in her artworks.

Here are the genres and rating:  Sci-Fi, Comedy, Magic, Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo. Rated PG-13

Lish: "It was my first real anime, ever! Thanks to this show I taught myself some english too. It were the good old days of watching anime in 3 part youtube videos in 360/480p quality... ON THE WII.. Now I'm a very big fan of Magical Girls 😳Can't wait for the 2022 reboot, 20 years after the original anime released."

Thanks for reading! We hope you might check them out or at least got to know us a little bit better! What is your favorite anime? Be sure to leave a comment below <3

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Of all 4, I only never heard of Lain… Might give that one a try, sounds interesting! Made in Abyss is a big YES from me. HxH I still got to try and Tokyo Mew Mew (or Mew Mew Power for us back then lmao) will always be a fond memory, will probably def give the reboot a shot when it comes out!


Ya’ll better watch lain if you haven’t yet!!


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