Welcome to the monthly Vibe Check! 

The blog where we talk about our experiences from the past month, highlighting the things that made it special. :)


Hi Quentin!!! What's up gamer!
how did your epic month go? /e dance

Quentin: "we traded in Sophia’s old ps4 and got a huge discount on a ps5 :O now it’s time for us to play the huge ps4 library of games. also I got persona 5 royal so its time for a looooong adventure in tokyo 👍 (I like the graphics of the ps5 compared to my very old gaming pc GTX 1060)"


What did James do this november?

Oh? What's this? A colourful Vibe Check artwork?

James: "I GOT A SHINY SPRIGATITOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I named her Valentina! I could get around 40 eggs per 30 minutes / picnic. I had spend around 8 hours to get around 700 of them. It takes me 3 minutes to to hatch 5 eggs, to be exact 420 minutes (lol funny number) to hatch them. BUT I GOT MY SHINY STARTER and now I can continue my progress in the game!!"


Hey Lish!

You've been playing Pokémon too?

How was your experience with this game so far? I hope it is bug and glitch free!! :-)

Lish: "Ok hear me out. I know the new game has a lot of bugs and glitches, BUT I’ve been enjoying it a lot! To play with my friends online!!! The customization of the character (except the clothing..) I have around 50 hours now and I got it the 23rd of November. I have a bit of a problem. I’m just happy to have my fave pokemon. Now to actually do the gyms."


Hey Myrthe, welcome at kaomoji! :)
We hope you enjoy your stay!!!

Myrthe: "just started my internship at kaomoji >< super hype!! had to pull a few all nighters for school to finish my school project so i could go 😓📚 now living that dream intern life✌️"


Ivy ivy ivy ivy ivy ivy ivy wow!! such a cool cosplay!! i love touhou! so how was your month?

Ivy: "went to dcc c: had a buncha fun!!1!!1!!! i hand sewed my own (tewi touhou) cosplay 😞 i was scared no one would recognise the cosplay, but luckily a bunch of people knew it n i took a lot of cool pics!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍"


Thanks for reading! Hopefully we inspired you to check out something new. Stay tuned for next month's issue!

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