Vibe Check December 2020

Vibe Check December 2020

Welcome to the monthly Vibe Check! This is a segment that we wanted to expand further from the newsletter’s ‘’What’s Up With Us’’. Just like before, we will be talking about our experiences from the past month with some more in-depth insights about what inspired us!


Two highschool girls’ boyfriends have been kidnapped...and there is only one way to get them back! By fighting your way through everything in a good ol’ fashioned beat-em-up called River City Girls!
This classic beat-em-up game from WayForward and Arc System’s Soft is a spin-off from the Kunio-kun series! But instead of saving the girls, The tough as nails Misako and cutesy Kyoko are on a rampage to take back their bone headed boyfriends.

James: ‘’River City Girls is a vibrant and surprisingly fresh take on the classic beat-em-up series. The visuals and music are so good! Perfect to play solo or with a friend!’’


In 2077, what makes someone a criminal? Well? Come to think of it, Quentin knows exactly what is up in Cyberpunk 2077!

The long-awaited game of CD Projekt Red finally got its release! Though the console launch was less than stellar, playing the game on PC has been a decent experience.
The game provides a very interesting take on the cyberpunk genre!

Quentin: ‘’Playing the game on my PC with a GTX 1050 ti, 30 fps and ultra low settings really got me that day one experience… T_T’’


A game that needs no introduction: Going for a second playthrough, Yakuza 0 was Wesley’s most played game of the month!

Yakuza 0 is the origin story of the series! Here we follow the two intertwined tales of Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima and how they got from the bottom of the ladder to being legendary yakuza.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this game is just a regular beat-em-up, as the themes of this game are far beyond what you’d expect!

Wesley: “100%-ing this game is no cakewalk! Even at 116 hours in, there’s more than enough to do!”


One day a young man fused with his chainsaw dog to become a demon slaying chainsaw man! Now that is a synopsis that sounds messed up!

Chainsaw Man is the manga Fragmantiq has been really getting into lately! This manga is also getting an anime adaptation produced by Studio Mappa, which sets out to make this a classic!

Fragmantiq: ‘’I bought the first volume in Japan and I really like how dark this manga is. It is almost like reading a seinen manga because of how the art style and themes are presented, and yet, it is a Shonen Jump manga!’’

Thanks for reading! Hopefully we inspired you to check out something new. Stay tuned for next month's issue!

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