Vibe Check AUGUST 2021

Vibe Check AUGUST 2021

Welcome to the monthly Vibe Check! The blog where we talk about our experiences from the past month, highlighting the things that made it special.


Woah! Gamer alert!
Quentin has been on his switch a whole lot the past month. What is he playing?
Stardew Valley of course!
The game might not be incredibly new, as it was released in 2016, but the fandom is incredibly active! The game offers a lot of gameplay, from farming to... finding love?😳
I wonder who Quentin is rooting for..

Quentin: "This month I have been really sucked into Stardew Valley on the switch! There is just so much to farm and with the short days and energy bar it really makes it so that you have to plan out your days carefully to get the most out of them. I have played through about 1 season now and still need to find a good routine haha."


Is TikTok not offering the content you want lately?
How about checking out James his TikTok!
WARNING!! Don't watch when hungry!
He makes aesthetic video's with a lot of food and drinks! It makes me want to start cooking. 😳

James: "Yeah so remember how I talked about Tiktok in the previous blog? And how I would NEVER download it? Yeah, I made a personal TikTok where I recorded myself cooking and making boba and here I AM AGAIN HAHAHA. please follow me 😳😳"


He's back! After a well deserved vacation Dave returned to our office.
What will he do now that he's back, will he create peace or chaos?
His friends have only known chaos ever since a certain game called 100% Orange Juice (?) popped up.
Let's see what he has to say to us! 😤

Dave: "One of my friends convinced me to download and play this anime board game with him. At first I didn't really understand what was going on and how to play, but after an hour or two we were both laughing like crazy. The RNG bully your friends until they go insane factor is real and I'm loving it. For those who play, my main is Suguri. (she's overpowered!)"


I think we're staying on the topic of games!
August really was gamer month, with 4 out of 5 KaoCrew members talking about it!
The games do seem to be very different; farming, board game, murder solving and a rhythm game... 
Have you guessed which one Lishu is talking about?
I'll give you some time to think.... Yup! It's the Murder Game!
She doesn't seem to be too happy, let's check it out!

Lishu: "Oh man... Danganronpa sure is something. I was always interested in the murders/executions because of it's animation style, but thought the game was too long for me to play. Now I play the game with my bf.... It's tough. All of my favorites have died :(... We're currently playing DRV3. But oh man, trial 4 was THE WORST. I never cried about Danganronpa, let alone about a VIDEOGAME!! This was the most painful Danganronpa trial I've ever witnessed. Maybe I should never have favorites in these kind of games..."


*drum rolls*
Here he is! Chun is here with his Vibecheck debut!
He has been active in our Discord Server, you might've seen him there!
Have you wondered so far what he likes? Don't worry, you're about to learn things!
Let's check out his favorite activity of August!

Chun: "This month has been one full of music for me. I have been playing BanG Dream: Girls Band Party on and off since its release in 2017, but I have been playing it a bit more this month. They added a new band few months back, and I really like their music and their personalities, especially Morfonica lead vocalist, Mashiro! She's so cutee!! 😊 Also, I have started my journey to become the best gitarist in the world again, after taking a break in June and July due to exams and holidays."


Thanks for reading! Hopefully we inspired you to check out something new. Stay tuned for next month's issue!

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