Kaomoji's 2021 recap

Kaomoji's 2021 recap

Wow, this year flew by fast!
Even though we’re still stuck in a world full of COVID-19, we made the best out of it with everyone (within safety measures).
Sometimes, days felt like weeks or weeks felt like days.
And here we are, the last day of 2021, ready to end the year.
But before we completely leave it behind us, let’s look back at what happened this year!
Welcome to our kaomoji recap of 2021!


The fresh new start of 2021.
Releasing a new collection in collaboration with Kizuna Ai sure was the way to start off the year!
One of the first virtual youtubers (now virtual talent) to take the internet by storm!
Had she captured your heart as well?



Here he is! Hypeman Dave started his internship at kaomoji HQ!
The strongest Jojo character in the universe!
He didn't only lift weights, he lifted up the mood at the office as well.
His internship time might almost be over, but he will surely entertain many of you at the kaomoji discord even after his kaomoji time.




April Fools!!! Or so all of you thought.
We released the Restock?! shirt, combining multiple designs you guys wanted back in stock!
Have you copped one of them?
We still have a little bit left, maybe... Cop one while it's still there. :flushed:



Woah what's this?
It's Lish! She joined the company to help out with a lot of different tasks!
For example (but not limited to) artwork, order packing and customer support!
She also takes care of the weekly movie nights, say hi to her! (but often Reneekast helps her out, say hi to her too!!)




Miku Expo was held online and so were our pre-orders!
We worked so hard to get everything shipped as soon as possible!
Thank you for the good times!
Until Miku Expo 2022!



Surprise Surprise! Another collaboration was released!
Together with Nukunukunigirimeshi we created the Kuma shirt!
Did you know about the artist?
The artstyle is so unique, it will pull you in!



Our marketing intern Chun started his journey here!
Little did we know the effect he had on us with his special one liners. :pleading:
We miss you Chun!
Good luck with the rest of your education!




We are known in the convention community, especially here in the Netherlands.
Of course we got in contact with a lot of cosplayers over the years.
Now we showed our love for the community by collaborating with some of our favorites!
Who is your favorite cosplayer out of the four of them?



Meet your newest family member!
Your imouto is ready to greet you!
Our newest collection is ready to be released next year! :)
We teased (and even showed) some of our designs.
Are you excited, cuz we sure are!


ALL of us from Team kaomoji wish ALL of you from the kaomoji community a poggers 2022 in advance!
We're excited to see what the upcoming year will bring us.

Thank you for supporting us. ❤️

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