Anime we disliked that might surprise you!

Anime we disliked that might surprise you!

We’ve always kept our blogs safe. Just recommending our favorites (or shows that made Lish get upset) to all of you.
However, it’s time to reveal shows that were hyped up, that we didn’t like!
Remember, this is OUR opinion, of course you can disagree with it, but keep it civil.
We’ll be giving our reasons in here, if you’d like to discuss this further with one of us, join our discord!
We’ll happily go in discussion with you there in the anime channel. :)
For now, let’s enjoy this blog for what it is. ;)


Quentin didn’t like this one, but a lot of others do, as it’s a very important piece of their childhood.
Not Quentins though, he didn’t grow up with it, maybe that’s why he’s a bit more critical, I’m not sure though.
Go ask him for clarification!! Join our discord <3

One Piece

The strongest and most infamous being to have sailed the Grand Line, Gol D. Roger has brought enormous change throughout the world right before his execution.
His last words before his death shone light on the existence of the greatest treasure in the world called One Piece. It’s his last words that brought about the Grand Age of the Pirates. Men (and women) who dreamed of finding this enormous treasure, which promises an unlimited amount of riches and fame, the pinnacle of glory and the ultimate title of the Pirate King.

Now on to our main character of this story, Monkey D. Luffy, a 17 year old boy who defies your standard of what a pirate would be. Rather than the run of the mill pirate who’s wicked, toothless, perhaps even mean spirited pirate who robs villages for fun, Luffy has another reason.
He’s motivated by the thought of an exciting  adventure that will lead him to intriguing people and, of course, the promised treasure.
Following the footsteps of his childhood hero, Luffy and his crew set sail across the Grand Line, experiencing the craziest of adventures, unraveling dark mysteries and fighting strong enemies. All in order to get the biggest fortune of them all, One Piece.

Why didn’t he like it?

“Maybe it’s because you didn’t try hard enough, it gets good around episode-” NOPE, he read over 300 chapters of the manga and just did not enjoy the pacing at all.
In his words, not enough happened in those 300 chapters, while there’s a lot of time for it.

Reading manga would be faster than watching the anime adaptation. It’d take him way longer to get to the 300 chapter adaptation, so yea, he tried and it’s really not for him.
I think it’s admirable he even got to 300 chapters in the first place, that’s a LOT!
It seems like he won’t change his mind over it, but feel free to try!


Well then, another one that might not be too good for the mainstream anime fans.
Our intern, Alice, is not a fan of the Tokyo Ghoul anime!
While many others seem to agree, some are still die hard fans of the show.
It’s ok, but here’s Alice’s reasoning for not enjoying this anime.

Tokyo Ghoul

An incredibly sinister threat is looming over Tokyo in the form of flesh eating Ghouls who look identical to humans, blending in perfectly into their population.
Our reserved main character, Ken Kaneki prefers to bury his nose in books instead of keeping up with the news of the growing crisis.
However, the appearance of a very attractive woman named Rize Kamishiro shatters his whole world as he knows it. She asked him out!

While walking Rize home, Kaneki discovers she’s not an innocent beautiful woman, but one of the feared ghouls, out to eat him.
After a tragic struggle, he later awakens in a hospital bed to learn his life was saved by having Rize’s organs transplanted into his body.
Kaneki’s body starts to change in horrifying ways, as he transforms into a half human half ghoul hybrid.
As he starts this new journey, Kaneki clings to his last bits of his humanity in the evolving bloody conflict between humans and ghouls.

Alice’s reasoning for not even finishing season two are the following:

The pacing!!!
Moments where nothing happened took way too long, while the action scenes were way too fast!
It would build up gradually to an exciting moment, and it’d just be done in a minute.
That was just a let down. I had high expectations, because everyone was raving about it. Unfortunately, it was not worth it to me.
It was incredibly hard to get through season 1, so I dropped it somewhere early in season 2, I just gave up.



It’s time, what does kaomoji’s founder, James. not like at all?
I’m sorry young cosplayers, you’re not gonna like this.

Boku No Hero Academia

With the appearance of newly discovered super powers called “quirks'' steadily increasing over the years, many different types have started occuring. From manipulation of elements to elevation to disappearing, around 80% of humanity currently possesses a unique power.
The remaining 20% in the world remains absolutely powerless, suzh as the main character Izuku Midoriya.

Ever since he was a child, he looked up to the number one hero All Might. Wanting to be just like him, he awaited until the age where most quirks would show up. With his father having the ability of breathing fire and his mom having the ability to levitate small objects, he surely would have one right?
Unfortunately, that was not the case, as a doctor diagnosed him as quirkless.
Absolutely devastated but not giving up, he started taking notes of every hero whenever he could.
It seems like his persistence has worked out somehow, as he meets the number one hero All Might.
All Might's quirk is a unique ability that can be inherited, and he has chosen Izuku as his successor!

Enduring many months of absolutely grueling training, Izuku enrolls into UA High, a prestigious school famous for its excellent hero training program. This year's freshmen look especially promising for the future.
With his bizarre but incredibly talented classmates,  (and the looming threat of villains) Izuku will soon learn what it truly means to be a hero.

Alright James, you might’ve made some people angry.
Care to explain why you don’t like the show as much?


Ok but for real, he doesn't hate My Hero Academia. He just thinks it's a bit generic. He is a big fan of Hunter x Hunter however!
He says that Deku is a bit too much of a crybaby, boring and basic. :(
It's just not his taste!!!! And that's his opinion!!!

I know many of you guys have found your ultimate waifu, 02, in here.
She should’ve been right up my alley when it comes to character design, however, the entire anime didn’t make me like her at all.
Having pushed myself to finish it, I even grew to dislike the anime!

Darling in the FranXX

In a very distant future, humanity has been driven to near-extinction by giant beasts (this sounds a lot like Attack on Titan, but hold on) called Klaxosaurs.
Forcing the surviving humans to take refuge in massive fortress cities called Plantations. (The walls? Man, this premise is sounding kind of alike, BUT HANG ON)
Children within the plantations are raised in a special way, to train to be able to pilot giant mechas known as FranXX, the only weapons known to be effective against the threats of the Klaxosaurs.
The weapons can only be used in boy-girl pairs, bred for the sole purpose of piloting these machines; these children know nothing about the outside of the plantation.
Ready to defend the last bit of the human race, they’ll sacrifice almost anything.

However the appearance of a certain FranXX pilot causes quite a stir. The pilot is called Zero Two and is known to be a pilot killer, as no boy survives piloting the mech with her.
Aspiring FranXX pilot Hiro is ready to risk it all, just so he too, can save the world he cares about.

So, what did I not like about this?
The plot kept changing, especially in the last few episodes. I can’t talk about it of course, but it felt so out of the blue.
Also, Zero Two made no sense to me, I couldn’t understand her motives from time to time. The only two characters I truly gave about were Futoshi and Kokoro.
So yea, I watched the entire thing only to be disappointed a lot by the ending.

Are you angry? We hope not. :(
Please tell us your opinions about these shows! Maybe we actually have the same opinions about these.
If not, sorry not sorry. :(
Maybe you don't like our favorite shows, and that's ok! Everyone has their own tastes!

Do you disagree? Come have a discussion with us in our discord!

Have u seen any of these?
Let us know!

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One Piece is one of the best shows ever
the plot is 1000/10 quentin how dare you </33 :(((((


watching darling in the franxx was just a waste of time!! i also agree with alice and james, tokyo ghoul was okay while boku no hero is a very generic shounen series


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