3 more picks from Lishu's completed list

3 more picks from Lishu's completed list

There's a limited amount of genres and settings in anime.
That's why I decided to use a roulette wheel to bring attention to some of the shows I've completed over the years!
They've been picked randomly, so you'll see some well known and very unknown shows pop up.
Time to fill up that plan to watch list of yours!


Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Girls

One day, an agent from the World Space Association called Saya receives an alarming message that a large number of asteroids are on a course towards Earth.
It’s her mission to stop the asteroids from destroying the world!

Unfortunately, the only way to save the Earth is by having three people with extraordinary potential demonstrate a new skill on a crane game, which will create a beam of energy able to divert the asteroids.

The only three people with the potential to save the world are three high school girls; Asuka, Mirai, and Kyouko. In order to use their energy for the good, Saya tells them that she has chosen them as idols and has them work at a game arcade where she can monitor them in peace. She tells the girls that all successful idols are good at crane games (very logical) and that building their skills as a team is their first step in idol training. As the girls learn new game techniques, they begin to doubt Saya's intentions with them, but are yet unaware that the fate of the Earth lies in their hands!

This crane anime came out back in 2016. As it was a short show with 13 episodes that were only 4 minutes long, I decided to watch it.
Yea, well, all these minutes could've been spent on something else!
The animation, or the lack thereof, wasn't that good. :(
I'll tell you to avoid this, unless you are just THAT bored.

Lishu rating: 3/10



Nekopara OVA

Despite being the proud owner of six catgirls together with his sister Shigure, our main character Kashou Minazuki decides to move away from home to open his bakery, or better known as a patisserie, La Soleil! While unpacking all of his items, he makes quite a discovery: two of his catgirls called Chocola and Vanilla, have hidden in his luggage! Although the twins desperately want to stay by their sweet and kind master's side, Kashou has no idea if he can manage both his new shop and the two catgirls without them causing trouble. But what if having more hands on deck is exactly what he needs to keep his store open?

It's the year 2017. the Nekopara OVA just got released.
Time to rush over and see what the result of this kickstarter have produced!
The animation was nice, the artstyle was pretty and we got to see the girls in action!
It was just wholesome goodness. (unlike it's game counterpart)
If you have 58 min to spare, then it's time to look at catgirls doing cute things!

Lishu rating: 7/10



Yuru Camp△

Have you ever gone camping? It might be too cold and way too windy for you now, but others still go out of their way to go to camping grounds!
The cold can’t and won’t stop them! (But please don't actually go camping during storms.)
If you want to relive those (hopefully) good times, then Yuru Camp is for you! With two seasons and specials waiting for you to dive into!

Rin prefers to camp alone at the base of Mount Fuji. Getting her own firewood, cooking her own food, everything at her pace.
She always did everything by herself and had no plans of changing her ways.

Suddenly the lost Nadeshiko has to take refuge at Rin’s campsite. Unexpectedly Rin enjoyed their evening together so much so that when Nadeshiko was picked up by her older sister, they hoped they would camp together again.
Maybe camping with other people wasn’t so bad after all?
As soon as Nadeshiko joined her highschool’s Outdoor club, she started learning more about all the different ways of camping. Meeting new people and learning a lot of tips and tricks to stay warm and safe during their trips.
Hoping to reunite with Rin to camp together once more.

Please please PLEASE check this show out.
The vibes are immaculate, the interactions are funny and the cast is LOVABLE!
This show has a second season, good specials and a movie!
Time to jump right into the manga now that I have the time!
What are you waiting for? Go hang out with these gals!

Lishu rating: 9/10

So, what do you think of these random picks?
Have you seen any of these, let me know in the comments below!
I sure wonder what the next randomly picked anime list will be like.

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