3 more anime moms to celebrate on mothersday!

3 more anime moms to celebrate on mothersday!

Happy mothers day!
Let's celebrate this day by congratulating and showcasing 3 lovely mothers in anime! <3
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Yor Forger - Spy x Family

It’s this season's favorite anime mom!
Our beloved assassin, ready for whatever task is laid upon her.
Possessing impressive strength and endurance, capable of easily piercing the human skull with weapons or even destroying a watermelon with her bare hands.
She agrees in pretending to be Loid's wife and Anya's mother in order to help him reach his goals as well as her own
Who knew a pretend family could be this much fun?

Bellemere - One Piece


Bellemere, one of the best and most caring moms out there. She might’ve been in the show for a short time but she stole my heart.
Especially the way she adopted both Nami and Noriko during her time as a Marine.

Quitting her job at the Navy to live life in a safer way, taking care of the young girls.
She might be poor, but she does the best she can to make sure both girls aren’t missing out on anything.

Her time however was cut short when her village got taken over by Fishmen, under the lead of Arlong.
Gone too soon, but never forgotten by everyone at the village, especially her daughters Nami and Noriko.


Tomoko Higashikata - Jojo's Bizarre Adventures part 4

 Mother of our well loved Jojo protagonist of part 4, Josuke!
Our sweet boy has been raised by his single mom, Tomoko, a 37 year old woman.
Tomoko is known to show a strong temperament and she gets annoyed quite easily. Despite her sharp temperament, she is mostly a kind person, particularly to her family and friends.
she is a woman who knows what's she wants, and for now it's putting Josuke through college.
An admirable single mom!

So much love for the moms!
Have you shown love to the mother figure in your life yet? Maybe now is the time!
Is there an anime mom we haven't discussed but who also deserves the love and praise? Leave her name in the comments!

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