Vibe Check September 2021

Vibe Check September 2021

Welcome to the monthly Vibe Check! The blog where we talk about our experiences from the past month, highlighting the things that made it special. :)


He was gaming last month... But now he updated and increased his gamer level! If you ever see his gamertag appear in CS:GO, know you're screwed!
What will he improve next time? 😳

Quentin: "For the longest time I always used a standard 60hz monitor and now that I have a 144hz monitor it makes a world of difference! I like playing CS:GO so now I really enjoy playing CS:GO much more with this way smoother experience. Next up I am planning to buy a new graphics card but they're still wayyy to overpriced so i am waiting on that haha."


Music is a very important part here in the Kaomoji Headquarters! Without any good music, how will you be able to work right?
Wanna feel how it works at Kaomoji HQ? How about listening to the playlist James made? :)

James: "Awhile ago we made a spotify playlist with a variety of music we listen to at the kaomoji office! Some chill, easy listening or energetic music :) I hope you like it! Click here for the bestest vibe list"


You know Dave is our hypeman intern, who works out multiple times a week while also having internship...
But did you know he's also started on renovating his room?
How much more is he able to handle?! Dave is getting way too strong at this point!!! (Take care of yourself Dave!)

Dave: "At home my room is getting quite a big expansion. Dad and I have been working for a week or 2 to finish building me an extra room for a bigger bed. It's hard work but it def pays off!"


She's back! After being gone for around two weeks, she's back to work hard at the Kaomoji Headquarters.
Although she went all the way to Croatia, she's talking about last month's subject, Danganronpa, again.
You okay there? Don't fall into despair!

Lishu: "I'm back!! I went on a trip with my family all the way to Croatia by car! The weather was real nice, but that's surprisingly not where most of my attention went to haha. If you follow my art instagram [link wowie] you might've noticed I'm really into Danganronpa, especially focused on my oc! Don't worry, I really enjoyed my vacation and only made art at night! The water was very clear and full of harmless jellyfish. Food was really good too! God... It went by so fast. But I'm full of energy and ready to go at it again!"

a very cute artwork of a very cute girl


Are chaotic and fast minigames your thing?
Well it might become your thing with Wario Ware!
With a lot of lovable characters and really funny and wacky games, it might become one of your faves, just like Chun!

Chun: "This month I played quite a bit of Wario Ware, the Switch version! I used to play it on Nintendo DS and was really glad to hear the game came to the Switch! This game is really fun and intense, especially with two players. Some minigames are really madness, especially at higher speed, but that is what makes it so funny as well! Also, I recently found out you can play the game in different languages as well, and I tried Dutch, but oh boy its really bad haha, swapped it back to English within five minutes😂"


Thanks for reading! Hopefully we inspired you to check out something new. Stay tuned for next month's issue!

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