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Hey Quentin, where's James?
Is he also at Tomo?
Where is he!!!???
Hi!! Where's James.
Jokes aside, how was it, to have two cons at the same time?

Quentin: "Last weekend kaomoji had two conventions at the same time! We went to tomofair AND made in asia brussels :D james went to brussels and i hosted tomofair which was a lot of fun!!"



James travels the world once again!
I do wonder what you were up to.
Maybe... Anything cool for kaomoji?

James: "this month i traveled to london for brand licensing europe! BLE is a licensing event bringing together retailers, licensees and manufacturers for three days of deal-making, networking and trend spotting!! i had great meetings these two days soooo kaomoji x ????? next year? 🙊🙊🙊"



Lish!!! We missed you!!
Where have you been!!! D:
Wait... those eyes look a bit sus.

Lish: "Wow! I was gone for almost the entirety of September. We went to Croatia, like the last few years. Good weather, amazing sights and good food! I did however miss my own bed the entire time. But now I’m back and energized!"


Didi! <3
You look cozied up, is Fall your fave season?
Hey, tell us about your month!!

Didi: "This month was chill, was just playing some games, watched some animes, started working out again and am generally enjoying the change of seasons! Fall is here and I can’t wait to wrap a blanket around me and enjoy the cold weather :)"


Ohno Ivy, you look tired. :(
Are you okay?
Make sure to get enough sleep! (Altho anime is very important)

Ivy: "Me and my good friend binged mob psycho 100 together this month :33 she lives in ireland so we had to do it through the internet TT_TT but it was super fun introducing her to one of my favorite shows!!"

Thanks for reading! Hopefully we inspired you to check out something new. Stay tuned for next month's issue!

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