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What’s up Quentin.
I’m pretty bored nowadays.
Got any anime recommendations, or do you want to share what you’re watching right now?

Quentin: "It’s squid game time! I mean Tomodachi Game. Tomodachi Game is a new anime about a group of friends that have to play dangerous games together that tests their friendship! I am enjoying watching this with my gf so far, but it does have some silly moments."


James had gone on an adventure!!!
An adventure all the way to… NYC!

James: "Wowee, I went to New York City with my friends for a special art exhibition and NFT event! It was Takashi Murakami’s exhibition to be exact. 🙂  He is an artist that I greatly admire. I am super grateful to have the opportunity to see his work IRL, on top of that I was also able to meet him and get my business card signed. 😭"



If you’re a member of the kaomoji Discord server, it would not come as a surprise…
Lish fell in love with another anime character.
Go tell ‘em!

Lish: "Listen, he’s very special to me!!!!!!!! I am incredibly down bad for this man and I don’t want to hear any other opinions about it!!! Leave me alone!!!!!!
I am stuck in One Piece hell, the upcoming vibe checks there is a 30% chance of me talking about it. :)
I have binged so much, I’m barely past 10% of the entire show, I have a lot waiting for me!!!"



So Alice…
What have you been up to?
Who is that pretty character on your Discord profile? 👀

Alice: "I reached a new level of nerd this month as I started playing D&D. And let me tell you, it’s super fun! My character’s appearance is based on UTAU’s Gekiyaku. She’s named Lydia, a druid with a spider theme!"


Please welcome our new intern!
Wait, hold up…
Did you pull all-nighters, or why do you have dark circles under your eyes?

Lizie: ""Maybe you’ve noticed (or not), but I’m a new intern at kaomoji! I have to say, I’d never thought that it would be so much fun being here and doing intern stuff. However, I have to sacrifice my sleep for this. Waking up at 5AM is quite hard to do, but so worth it! They just have to deal with a sleep-deprived zombie at the office."


Thanks for reading! Hopefully we inspired you to check out something new. Stay tuned for next month's issue!

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