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Happy (belated) birthday to Quentins gf!!!
Hope you had an amazing day together.. But where did you go?
Wait.. What is that drawing request??????

Quentin: "I went to the Efteling with my gf to celebrate her birthday! It was allot of fun and we went in many many attractions. We had a magical day in this wonderland of entertainment."


Oh man, March went by fast!
The flowers are starting to bloom, the trees are slowly gaining their leafs..
Wait, that means the cherry blossoms are here too!
Have you gone to see them James? Perhaps you got inspired?

James: "My girlfriend and I went to the Bloesempark in Amstelveen! It was a bit of a grainy day but super fun nevertheless! It is so pretty to see all those Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom. We went there in the morning so it wasn’t busy. I recommend going there early too! Perhaps we should make a Sakura inspired collection..."




Please tell me you remembered what you did this month.
Please.. I can't make another intro for you if you don't know what you did!!!

Lish: "This month... I can't remember... (Joke)
Anyways, I tried catching up with some airing anime. I'm so behind on some of them, especially Attack On Titan. (which is a surprise.)
WHAT I DID FINISH, HOWEVER, is My Dress up Darling!!
It's so good! I've been reading the manga for a bit and I was immediately hooked. I'm a fan of gyaru girls, so it's good to see the hype for a gyaru!!!
Please... Give me season two."



Wooh!! It was her first time working at the kaomoji booth at a convention!
You did amazing!
Have you visited our booth at DCC? If so, I hope you said hi to Alice!
Hi Alice!!!!
Did you get anything at DCC?

Alice: "Highlight of this month must have been Dutch Comic Con. It was my first convention in like 7 years and I had a blast! I have a tradition of getting a new plushie every time I visit one. This time I got myself a Molang plushie. I also got myself some cute art prints and buttons! :)"


Thanks for reading! Hopefully we inspired you to check out something new. Stay tuned for next month's issue!

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