Vibe Check July 2021

Vibe Check July 2021

Welcome to the monthly Vibe Check! The blog where we talk about our experiences from the past month, highlighting the things that made it special.


Demon Slayer, the most popular anime from the year 2019, who hasn't heard of it nowadays. Quentin for sure did! Not only that, he binged the whole show! It was a little bit out of order as he had seen the movie first. Waiting for the second season to come out, he decided to start reading the manga.
He really recommends the manga for people who are curious. But on the other hand, the animation in the anime is absolutely stunning! The studio really did it’s best to let it shine.
Go check it out already!

Quentin: "after watching the anime AND the movie I couldn't help myself and had to continue on reading the manga! I have gone quite far already reading about 100+ chapters and I can't wait to see how they will animate the upcoming fights!!"


Popular tiktokkers, make way! James is coming through with the latest trends!
We are planning on making more tiktoks, to grow more on our platform. Please follow us on tiktok. Please. If you have any cool trends we can do, please tag us in the comments or send a link to the video on our instagram account!

James: "Sigh. I promised myself I would NEVER download tiktok, or even make tiktoks but since last year we decided to try it out and here I am, doing these silly dances and trends. Oh, how the tables have turned. 😳 (it's pretty fun NGL so please check us out haha insert link here)"


Our lovely intern Dave is returning for his second internship in September! But what is he doing during the weeks he’s gone? He went to visit our neighbouring country Germany to (spend his money) say hello! COVID might’ve stopped his previous plans, but that’s not enough to stop our hype man. He still made the best of it with his girlfriend. I wonder what he bought there..

Dave: "My original Summer plan got cancelled last minute. When my parents got word about it they booked my gf and I a hotel room near the German border. I really enjoyed spending time with her shopping in Essen!"


There once was an amusement park in the Netherlands… Efteling! Who oh who went there other than Lishu? (Apparently a lot of you, since some kaomoji wearers were spotted.) She wasn’t with the Kaomoji crew this time, but with her friends instead! Enjoying multiple days of Efteling in the warm summer weather, she wandered about. But what were the highlights this time? She’s going to share that right now, and she doesn’t spare any words.

Lishu: "I went to the Efteling again!!! (It's a themepark here in the Netherlands) I went with a group of friends and we even booked a hotel room there so we had more time to explore! Me and my friends enjoyed the outing. 😳 It was really warm but we brought enough to stay protected and hydrated! There were some entertainers in costume, for example two gnomes in the woods on the route to our hotel, red riding hood at the entrance of the park and a witch on a segway flying around here and there! The segway created the illusion of her flying on a broom. The broom was attached to the segway, hidden by her long dress. I got chased after by the witch 3 times that day, just because I looked princessy!! Worth it tho."

 Thanks for reading! Hopefully we inspired you to check out something new. Stay tuned for next month's issue!

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