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The gamers are back!
Let's see what new game Quentin has been playing 👀
It sounds pretty cool, hurry!!
Tell me all about it 😆

Quentin: "I've been hooked on playing No Man's Sky on my PS5 for the past month. I've spent a ton of time exploring different planets, gathering resources, and building cool bases. I've discovered a lot of interesting things so far and I'm excited to see what comes next. I can't wait to see what else I can do in this game!"

No Man's Sky PS5 scenery
No Man's Sky on PS5


More gamers! Yay!!
There can never be enough, hihi 😆
But this game sounds a bit scary...
Looks like James is preparing for a zombie apocalypse 🧟

James: "PROJECT ZOMBOID!!! Been playing this open-ended sandbox game lately and I love it so far. I started a server with the boys and we are having a blast!!! The game looks so simple but the game mechanics are so realistic and endless. 10/10 would recommend"

Screenshot of Project Zomboid the game
Project Zomboid


Rhythm games rule!
But who rules them all? 🤔
There seems to be a new expert in town, tell us more Myrthe!

Myrthe: "the time for me has come to become a chunithm master 😳 the arcade my boyfriend has with his friends recently got a chuni!!! now i can play sooo much >< last week, i passed my first master 11 and am already trying for master 12 🎶 gotta grind some more 🤩🤩"

High score on Japanese rhythm game Chunithm
Chunithm high score


What time is it? Party time! 🎉
Wow, Ivy, it sounds kinda out of character
Did you have fun tho?

Ivy: "Carnaval was this month!! Though I’m well aware it’s generally considered a low IQ activity, I still had a lot of fun watching the parade! Confetti in my drink wasn’t fun though :’’("

Photo of Dutch carnival parade, big paper-mache man and broccoli on a wagon
Dutch carnival parade


Another rhythm gamer!
Sounds like she had a lot of fun as well 😉🎵
Possibly a new rival for Myrthe?

Jessica: "I went to the game arcade for the first time ever in my life with my friends! ;') I was slaying with Piano tiles and Pump it up- I could finally use my Project Sekai skills for this moment B) (rip my money tho HAHAHA)"

Gaming arcade with neon lighting
Gaming arcade with neon lighting


But this one sounds quite relaxing 😌
I wonder how her island has been

Estelle: "どうぶつの森 (Animal Crossing) all day everyday, I am sooo addicted to Animal crossing again!! I started a new island since I didn’t know what to do with my old island anymore >.< I just hope that Tom Nook will cut me a nice deal on my debt this time though hehe (he has no mercy RIP)"

Tom Nook holding a bag of bells
Tom Nook holding a bag of bells

Thank you for reading! Hopefully, we inspired you to check out something new. Feel free to leave your story in the comment section below ^^ Stay tuned for next month's issue!

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