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Wooh!! It's the end of February already, time surely flies as we're about to enter March.
February might be the shortest month, but it still was packed with new and fun adventures!
Let's take a quick look at what everyone at kaomoji HQ has done. :)
Quentin, how about you go first once more?

Quentin: "I showed my girlfriend Genshin Impact, now we both cannot stop playing. She pulled Yae Miko first try for me :o We also spend an undisclosed amount of primogems for the new Yae Miko banner for her ;w;"


Do you like Lego? Imagine building a Lego character yourself! That's what James did this month. :)
Let us know if this convinces you to go there as well!!

James: "Last week ago my girlfriend and I went to Amsterdam to shop and have some food! We went to the Lego store and apparently, you can build your own mini Lego Character! This is the only store in The Netherlands where you can do this, and I thought it was super cool! It’s 12 euros per lego! *This is not a sponsored post lol"




Lish it's time to start working on your memory!!
I feel like you mention almost every month that you don't know what you did!!
Now, what did you actually do?

Lish: "What did I even do this month? It went by so fast!!! Let’s see, I actually did quite some things, but I believe the birthday party of a friend currently really stands out to me. It was just a lot of fun, meeting new people and celebrating their special day! Some of us even went in casual cosplay. (including me) The weather might’ve been shitty, but that didn’t decrease everyones mood. Some friends and I even went to bed at 6:15 because we just had so much fun talking to eachother. Truly a great time!"



Our new intern at kaomoji HQ who started here this month!
Have you welcomed her yet? (The discord did, maybe check that out?)
Let's get to know you a little better before the interview takes place. :)

Alice: "You know what else started this month?! LOST ARK. I’ve been playing this game every second I can and it’s sooo good! (also very addictive). The only downside are the queue times... Ever heard of being in queue for a queue? Neither did I."


Thanks for reading! Hopefully we inspired you to check out something new. Stay tuned for next month's issue!

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