Yahallo, as you all might know Lish is on holiday, so I will take over the blogs for the time being! Are you looking for a ‘new’ anime to watch? Fed up with the mainstream shounen anime? Don’t worry, the kaomoji crew got you covered with our favorite underrated anime!

Aired in the spring season of 2015, Koufuku Graffiti had to compete with Food Wars, and while they both are related to cooking, one became a well known anime, whilst the other stayed fairly unknown. Nonetheless, let's see what Lish has to say about this delicious anime! 

‘’I have to admit, I only watched it because it’s about food. There’s just something calming and soothing about watching anime characters prepare some incredibly good looking meals.Sadly, this show went underneath the radar, just being written off as a “cute girls doing cute things” anime.
Trust me, there IS a plot. I love the bond between the characters, I love the ost, I love the animation.. I just wish the manga would continue to get translated, I want to continue the story. :(‘’

To Your Eternity
is among the top seasonal anime of summer 2021. Yet, here it is on our list with underrated anime! I know what you are thinking, did we mess up our blog content?! Don’t worry, here is what Quentin has to say over this wonderful anime and manga!

“I know the anime may not be that underrated.. but the manga definitely deserved more love from the start!! I started reading the manga when it just came out when no one really talked about it at all. The story is a slow burn but it has really incredible writing. It’s a deep story about life and death and the characters they explore in this tale are truly unique. 

I haven’t seen the anime yet but I really hope it will stay true to the manga. This is one of my favourite stories told so far. I look forward to watching the anime and seeing the characters come to life even more.”

Next up on the list is
Death Parade, and yes, you read that right! For those who don’t know it, in this anime if someone dies, they are sent to one of many mysterious bars in the afterlife. They have to play so-called Death Games, and as a result of these games they will either be sent off for reincarnation or banished into the void.

This is what James had to say about this ‘underrated’ anime!

“I don’t really watch underrated anime haha, only mainstream :^) but I think Death Parade is slightly underrated? No idea, but I really liked the anime, and you can binge it in one day!”

The next anime,
Dimension W, is not only a hidden gem, but it also holds some nostalgic feelings for Dave, as it is actually one of the first anime he has ever watched! Buckle up and fasten your seatbelt as Dave tells us more about this futuristic anime!

"It was one of the first Anime I watched and I fell in love with it. The main character, Kyouma Mabuchi, was kinda funny and I loved how he just insisted on driving a gas car when the infinite borderline free energy was discovered. I like how the show keeps the W dimension a mystery too, slowly letting you discover more about it alongside the main characters.
I genuinely recommend it as a show to watch on the side, if you want something with a good plot which is not very in-depth. Also the intro IS A BANGER!”

The oldest underrated anime of this list is Kaiji (2007). The anime is about Kaiji (no sht Sherlock), who is heavily in debt due to his gambling (and losing) spree, but suddenly gets the opportunity to get rid of all his debts simply by gambling on a cruise ship… However, little does he know how much is at stake. Get your dice ready and cards shuffled as Chun tells you more about this nerve wracking anime!

Ask any anime fan whether they can name one gambling anime, and the majority will say Kakegurui without hesitation. For me, Kaiji is the ultimate gambling anime. The suspense of this anime is like none other I have seen before,and the narrator is an absolute legend!. This anime is easily in my top 10 watched anime!!  Yes, the characters have some really, really, REALLY big chunky noses, but you’ll get used to it soon enough!! ~~ZAWA ZAWA ZAWA~~”


That’s all folks! These are the kaomoji crew's favorite underrated anime! Thanks for reading! What are your favorite underrated anime? Let us know in the comments below!

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