Slice of Life anime to keep you relaxed!

Slice of Life anime to keep you relaxed!

It's time to relax some more!
Currently the storm is keeping us all inside, so what better way to spend your time than watch some relaxing shows!
Sit down, get some snacks, kick back and let's enjoy the ride!

Yuru Camp

Have you ever gone camping? It might be too cold and way too windy for you now, but others still go out of their way to go to camping grounds!
The cold can’t and won’t stop them! (But please don't actually go camping during storms.)
If you want to relive those (hopefully) good times, then Yuru Camp is for you! With two seasons and specials waiting for you to dive into!

Rin prefers to camp alone at the base of Mount Fuji. Getting her own firewood, cooking her own food, everything at her pace.
She always did everything by herself and had no plans of changing her ways.

Suddenly the lost Nadeshiko has to take refuge at Rin’s campsite. Unexpectedly Rin enjoyed their evening together so much so that when Nadeshiko was picked up by her older sister, they hoped they would camp together again.
Maybe camping with other people wasn’t so bad after all?
As soon as Nadeshiko joined her highschool’s Outdoor club, she started learning more about all the different ways of camping. Meeting new people and learning a lot of tips and tricks to stay warm and safe during their trips.
Hoping to reunite with Rin to camp together once more.


Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

Feeling like an anime would be too long for you?
You just want a quick relaxing trip?
Then how about a movie. :)
We watched this movie in our discord a few weeks ago and it was well received!


The girl is named Kumiko, but prefers being called Josee instead and initially comes off as rude.
Convinced by her grandma to become a caretaker for Josee as a side job, Tsuneo comes in contact more and more with the standoffish girl.
Despite being annoyed by her behavior, Tsuneo sees this as an opportunity to save money to support his academic dream.

After putting up with Josee’s behavior for some time, he gets close to quitting the job, only to find out about her dream of going outside to travel the world.
To feel free, even with her condition that's making her wheelchair bound.


Hakumei and Mikochi

Have you ever wished you were 8cm tall?
Or maybe to live in the middle of a forest in a completely cottagecore lifestyle?
Well, you can always go and live the cottagecore dream of your dreams, but becoming 8cm tall isn’t as easy.
Luckily, there’s a good anime about this potential dream of yours!
Personally, it is one of my favorites that I can’t stop recommending to people.
Both the manga and anime are a pleasure to witness.

This story is all about the lives of Hakumei and Mikochi.
Two humans of 8 cm tall living their peaceful life in a house built in a tree, near the town of Makinata.
Hakumei is a tomboyish and energetic carpenter, while Mikochi is a more feminine and calm tailor.
Even though their personalities differ, they still are able to get along extremely well.
The two continue to live their peaceful lives in the forest, consisting of sightseeing adventures, going shopping at Tsumiki Marketplace and working.
Meeting different species and making friends along the way is truly the best!



These were the picks for this blog!
Did you know some of these already? :)
I’m a big fan of the Slice of Life genre, so please share your favorites down below so I can check them out!
Have a great time!

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