Short anime to watch during your breaks!

Short anime to watch during your breaks!

If you’re as busy as me lately, you barely have any time to watch anime!
At least the usual 24 minute episodes. Episodes start to stack and you’re falling behind more and more. It starts to feel overwhelming, you want to watch anime but you just can’t find the time!
How about a very short anime?
And I do not mean anime with 6 episodes of 24 minutes. I mean anime with episodes under 10 minutes!
Now come and enjoy these very short but good anime with me!


Chi's sweet home

This “short” anime is all about the little kitten named Chi.
Chi is found by a little boy named Youhei and his mother while walking outside. They decide to bring her back to their apartment complex even though pets are not allowed!
Chi, as a young kitten always does, causes problems for the family, because playing is so much fun!! Everything is so exciting!
The anime is full of Chi making new memories with her new family, meeting new friends and experiencing fun adventures!
No matter what trouble Chi gets into, she knows her family will always love her!

209x 3 minutes episodes. (two seasons and 1 special)

This anime has a 12 volume manga and a 3D animated series.



Anime de Wakaru Shinryounaika

This anime isn't the typical wacky comedy shorts, okay it’s all that, BUT you actually learn!

Psychologist Ryou and his incredibly cheerful nurse Asuna will explain to you about many aspects of mental illnesses.
For example the topics of valicity, the prevalence and origins of mental disorders.
It won’t get too heavy, as they throw in some wacky humor that will keep you invested! Let’s learn together!

20x 5 minutes episodes

This anime has an ongoing manga!



Wakako Zake

One of my favorite short anime ever. It might be very short, as it's 2 minute episodes, but it's incredibly relaxing!
It's very nice to wind down with a short episode about Wakako, a 26 year old office worker, discovering nice combinations of food and drinks.
Sit down and relax, you might even get cravings in those two minutes, so get a snack!

12x 2 minutes episodes

This anime has an ongoing manga and a live action adaptation with multiple seasons!

How are you feeling?
Interested in these short shows?
Maybe you even have a short show I didn't watch, so please leave some recommendations in the comment section. :)

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