Our favorite catgirls! :3

Our favorite catgirls! :3

Catgirls, you either love or hate them.
In our opinion, we really love them!
So much that we even dropped a new design together with Nyannyancosplay!
Are you looking forward to the new drop? :)
Here are our favorite catgirls!


Nr.1 Mew Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew.

Momomiya Ichigo, also known as Mew Ichigo, is a normal 13 year old girl.
One day, during her date with her crush Aoyama Masaya, she gets her DNA merged with the Iriomote Wildcat!
Now with the power of the endangered animal, she can turn into the strong leader of the Mew Mews, Mew Ichigo!
With 4 other members, they’re here to save the world from the dangerous Chimera animals who are created by aliens!

Now with the power of the endangered animal, she can transform into Mew Ichigo!
With 4 other members who are also merged with endangered animals, they form the Mew Mews!
Ready to save the world from Chimera animals, sent by a group of Aliens.
Life as a teenage girl is hard enough as is with all the love troubles and school.
Let alone saving the world!


Nr.2 Vanilla 


We’re getting into a bit more of a suspicious area.
Don’t let her looks fool you, she’s only 9 months old!

Vanilla is a cute cat girl from the game (NSFW!!) and anime, Nekopara!
Vanilla is quiet, calm and very stoic, which is the opposite from her twin sister Chocolat.
They’re inseparable, so you can always expect to see them together!
Vanilla and Chocolat both work at their owners/masters brother’s cafe, named La Soleil
Oh didn’t I tell you?
Cat Girls are basically pets in this universe. Even needed to be trained like one and only allowed outside with a bell around their neck.
The dynamic is a bit weird, but if you’re into that, maybe give the anime a try!


Nr. 3 Neferpitou


Wait, is Neferpitou even a girl?? They are a cat humanoid for sure.
It doesn’t matter, they look really cute!

So they deserve a spot in our top 10… Cat.. List?
So what do we know about Neferpitou, without posting spoilers here. (James still needs to get to this arc hehe)
Well, they’re strong?
Limbs are kind of long, I can’t really say anything personality wise so far.


Nr...4? Inosuke Hashibira?


Now hold on… This isn’t a cat at all!
Not even a girl!!!
This is just a 15 year old guy wearing a boar mask.
How’d he get in here?!
I have the feeling this blog has turned into a joke.
Well, since we’re all here to learn, let me explain him a little.

Once again, Inosuke Hashibira is a 15 year old boy, part of the Demon Slayer corp.
His fighting style is with two jagged swords.
And well, he’s a bit odd. Raised by boars since he was little.
He doesn’t understand boundaries that well and can’t remember names, but he tries his best, even though he's incredibly stubborn.


Alright, who do you think was the best pick in this list?
I’m very biased so of course I’m choosing Ichigo. :)

Are you hyped about our new collaboration?
Let us know!

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