New Miku Expo 2021 merch!

New Miku Expo 2021 merch!

Pre-orders for our new Miku Expo 2021 items are now open! Just like last year, we've had the privilege of making some official Miku Expo merch. This year, we're bringing you a unique design on a T-shirt and a hoodie!
Check out the collection page here.

This is a very limited collection with no restocks. The Miku Expo 2021 concert is on June 6th, and pre-orders for this collection will be shipped in early May. If you're quick, you'll have it before the concert!

Our design

miku expo 2021 design

The gang's all here! From the top going counter-clockwise, we've got Kaito, Meiko, Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin & Len.
For the artwork we commissioned WaHa from Collateral Damage Studios, who you may remember from the Anniversary collection's Keiko design.

We hope you like the new design just as much as we do!

miku expo 2021 items

As mentioned before, you can get the Miku Expo 2021 design on both a T-shirt and a hoodie. The items are €29,95 and €59,95 respectively. More information can be found on the product pages.
Also check out the Miku Expo 2021 collection page.

We hope to bring you these items soon! Enjoy the concert!

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