6 anime that made lishu go mad!!   (°ヘ°╬)

6 anime that made lishu go mad!! (°ヘ°╬)

Anime series, they’re either a hit or miss with you. Some can really impact your life positively, however some can make you so upset that you can’t stop telling people about it.
Well, here I am, about to do the second option with all of you.
You don’t have to agree with me, but I hope you’ll understand my point of view on these shows!
I’ll separate the rants into two categories; Dropped and Completed.



Citrus is a WLW anime… Or it should be. For me this was one of the worst Lesbian representing anime, knowing they already get fetishized.
First of all, the step siblings part. Those kinds of theme’s already risky.
Second of all, the continued assault by one of the sisters. Forcing kisses upon her new step sibling, even groping her.
It’s even written in the synopsis on MyAnimeList:

“Thoroughly exhausted from her first day, Yuzu arrives home and discovers a shocking truth—Mei is actually her new step-sister! Though Yuzu initially tries to be friendly with her, Mei's cold shoulder routine forces Yuzu to begin teasing her. But before Yuzu can finish her sentence, Mei forces her to the ground and kisses her, with Yuzu desperately trying to break free. Once done, Mei storms out of the room, leaving Yuzu to ponder the true nature of her first kiss, and the secrets behind the tortured expression in the eyes of her new sister.”

I feel like just this part might explain enough.
A lot of people seemed to like it a lot, but this just felt like a very uncomfortable fetishized WLW anime.
No, I haven’t read the manga. Perhaps one day I will, but it’s not in my priorities. (⌒‿⌒)

My rating for the show: 5/10

Dropped at: 6/12

It's Too Sick to Call this Love

Also known by its original name: Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui, or Koikimo for short.

Ichika Arima is a 17 year old highschool student. On her way to school she saved an office worker, preventing him from falling down the stairs.
He fell in love with her at first sight, and hoped he’d see her again after she took off to get to class.
As it turns out, the office worker is the older brother of her classmate!
His name is Ryou Amakusa and he’s 27 (!!) years old.
The rest of the episodes I’ve seen, he kept trying to thank her by offering his body.
Not even that, he’d send her gifts everyday and kept calling her on the number he got by asking his little sister!!
She even called him “gross” and “creepy”, to make him leave her alone as she’s disgusted.
Ryou, however, doesn’t see this as a no, but more as some kind of challenge.

I got incredibly disgusted by this, especially as Ryou had multiple girlfriends his age before and is very popular with women.
So why suddenly go after a minor?
The little sister also somehow didn’t see an issue with this and kept encouraging him to continue his advances.
“But maybe Japan doesn’t see an issue with this!!”
I’m aware, but this is my opinion and how I feel about this trope.(⌒ω⌒)

My rating for the show: 4/10

Dropped at: 4/12

Love and Lies

Also known by its japanese title: Koi To Uso.

In a futuristic society, Japan has started to implement a complex system to get everyone an assigned partner, to have successful marriages.
Everyone gets a notice at their 16th birthday with the name of their assigned partner.
An ideal program to combat increasingly low birthrates that’s been threatening Japan!

However, the main character, Yukari Nejima, confesses to his crush, Misaki Takasaki, right before he turned 16.
Confessing how he's been in love with her for over 5 years.
But as soon as Misaki reciprocates his feelings, he receives his assigned partner notice.
His assigned partner is a girl by the name of Ririna Sanada.

Let me tell you, a lot of harem main characters don’t have a spine. No will of his own, nothing.
Well, take the wimpiest character in mind and multiply it by 5.
I know not a lot changes in only 6 episodes, but this guy literally didn’t progress at all.
He’s incredibly indecisive and it affects every character in the show one way or another.
I normally try my best to finish a show, but this became incredibly unbearable to me.

My rating for the show: 4/10

Dropped at: 6/12


Nurse Witch Komugi-Chan R

It’s 2012. You just found your first AMV on Youtube. Thanks to that, you started your first ever anime. There you go, down the rabbithole of anime that’s available on youtube.
That’s how I found the original show, Nurse Witch Komugi-Chan.
A parody magical girl show, with old japanese internet humor and interesting characters.
The show was originally from 2002, in OVA formatting.

Now imagine you took a funny show with cool designs and that little bit of plot it had, and threw it all away.

The previous ambitions of the characters are all thrown out of the window.
After trying to modernize the characters, going from a new but unknown actress to a new and unknown idol.
The crush the main character, Komugi Nakahara, had in the original show?
Let’s create a whole new character and make her crush on him.
Did I say Komugi Nakahara? Oh sorry, they randomly decided to change her name into Komugi Yoshida. >:(

Let’s say, instead of just hanging character designs or slightly changing the plot to reboot the show into something more modern… They created an entirely different one, just with the same name.
As a fan of the original show, this disappointed me immensely.

My rating for the show: 1/10
Purely out of spite.

Dogeza: I Tried Asking While Kowtowing

Have you ever had a crush on someone you knew you didn’t have a chance with?
Yeah, that must’ve sucked right.
Imagine not giving up and giving her space.
Imagine getting on your knees and hands begging to see her body instead.
“That’s sexual harassment isn’t it?”
It sure is. It’s the entire anime too!
The fact this is the main character's motto:

"Grovel enough, and you'll get what you want."

Yea.. (¬_¬ )

There’s no other way I can describe the show, I just feel bad for all the girls.
The show is 3 minutes per episode, but it sure was 3 minutes too long.

My rating for the show: 2/10
It was disgusting to see.

Super Lovers

It doesn’t seem like this could go wrong… Right?

Well, I thought the same when one of my old friends hyped about this.
Thanks to her I tried it out and.. I was uncomfortable the whole way through.
Why was I uncomfortable?
Let’s see… Perhaps the age gap of 6 years.
It doesn’t sound big if you’re thinking of two adults, but consider one is a minor of 16 years old and the other is a 24 year old man…. Yea. :(
To make it worse, they’re adoptive siblings.
Another show trying to make “incest” happen.

This show was just full of the 24 year old man, Haru Kaidou, grooming and manipulating Ren Kaidou, the 16 year old.
They’re supposed to have a supportive sibling bond, but it went a whole other way.
Have I mentioned Ren was raised by wolves in the wild for a long time?
He already has trouble getting along with people, meanwhile Haru seems to take advantage of it.
The inappropriate touching disguised as “helping him understand his body” was incredibly gross.
Once again, just like Koikimo, this man is deemed to be fairly attractive and popular with women, so there’s no reason for his behaviour towards his adoptive sibling who’s a minor too.

This show somehow got an OVA and a second season too… Disappointed. :(
Terrible representation for Homosexual men, but that’s sadly been going on for a very long time with BL anime.

My rating for the show: 3/10
Incest is NOT wincest.

Did you survive the rant?
If you did, you’re a real one.
Remember, these are just my opinions, we don’t need to agree.
As long as we can agree to disagree.

What are shows you can’t stand? Let us know in the comments!

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Oooo a ‘not to watch’ list! For most it’s really ‘’what is there to even defend about this…’’ Only anime I really couldn’t continue (that I remember) has to be the Dogeza one as well… I saw it was short, figured it couldn’t be that bad… but it is… I don’t think I even finished the first episode… of 3 minutes…


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