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We’re incredibly happy that most of you know who the artist is, but for the people who don’t… Here’s a blog about NUKUNUKUNIGIRIMESHI!

(which translates to “Warm and warm rice balls”) is a japanese artist who worked on many VOCALOID related projects!
Their artstyle is incredibly unique and recognizable, you might have seen their work before without even knowing!
One of their most well known works is creating the LOST UMBRELLA
(ロストアンブレラ) video clip artwork.
NUKUNUKU often works together with the creator of the previously mentioned song, being Inaba Kumori (稲葉曇).
NUKUNUKU frequently illustrates and animates video clips for the VOCALOID producer.

But who is Inaba Kumori or… what even is VOCALOID?
We’ll start with VOCALOID.

A VOCALOID is a singing voice synthesizer software product, which you can make songs with.
The voice samples are provided by real life people!
By just buying the voicebank, you can make them say everything you want just by typing words.
You aren’t limited to 1 voice since there are about 86 VOCALOID’s to use.
The voices are often paired with an anime character especially designed for it.

If you want a more in depth read about the most popular Vocaloid HATSUNE MIKU, click here!

Inaba Kumori (also written as INABAKUMORI at times) primarily uses 1 of the 86 vocaloids, Kaai Yuki.
Kaai Yuki as a character is 9 years old with a soft voice.
Since the voice provider was a young fourth grade girl at the time, her identity was never revealed for legal reasons.
Inaba’s Youtube Channel has 211 THOUSAND subscribers and over 38 MILLION video views in total.

 An artwork from NUKUNUKU celebrating two of Inaba's song passing 1 Million views on youtube.

If you’re on Tiktok, you might have heard one of his songs before!
One of his songs was a trending audio, especially in the Genshin Impact community.
A cover from his song Lost Umbrella, sung by ERA, was used.
It’s also possible you could have seen it on aesthetic Tiktok videos ranging from anime figures to scenery.

Now back to NUKUNUKU..

Besides VOCALOID work, NUKUNUKU also has their own Yonkoma shorts (a 4 panel manga) which you can find over here!
Let’s give you a bit more insight as to what a Yonkoma is. Popular anime like: Pop Team Epic, New Game! and Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun have been adapted from Yonkoma.
The point of the Yonkoma shorts is to deliver a punchline as soon as possible.
Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works.

  • The first panel makes the basis of the story as it sets the scene.
  • The second panel continues on the foundation of the story that started in the first panel.
  • The third panel is the climax, in which an unexpected development shows up.
  • The fourth panel is the conclusion. Which shows the effects of the development from the third panel.

There is currently no english translation of NUKUNUKU’s Yonkoma work, but their loveable art style still makes them incredibly entertaining for non japanese speakers to read and look at!

If you’re interested in seeing more of NUKUNUKUNIGIRIMESHI’s work, be sure to follow their twitter and pixiv!
If you want to buy our T-Shirt collaboration with NUKUNUKU, you can go there with the button below!



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