<span style="color: #ff6699;">kaomoji x Kizuna AI is here!</span>

<span style="color: #ff6699;">kaomoji x Kizuna AI is here!</span>

Hello world! We hope you enjoyed Kizuna AI's concert that was given last week. It was a blast!
Today, however, we have a different announcement for you. It's been teased for a couple of months, but the time has finally come:

The kaomoji x Kizuna AI collection is here!

We are honored to have been approached by the one and only Kizuna AI for an official collaboration! This is a very limited collection with no restocks.

It features two unique designs, each design available on both a shirt and a hoodie. In this article we'll be showing them to you in detail.

Before all that though, would you like some more background info on Kizuna AI? Check out our previous blog about her here.
Now that you're well-versed in the Kizuna lore, it's time to talk about the designs!

First off: The 'Hai Domo' design!


This design is based on the famous opening from all of her videos. "Hai, domo!" An illustration of Kizuna AI on the front, and the text "HAI DOMO!" on the back. Clean and simple!

This design is available on both a white shirt and a gray hoodie. But that's not all! We've got one more design to show you before we wrap up.  

Next up: The 'Kizuna AI' design!


"インストール!" This design's got pink wireframe text on the front, and a design based on the YouTube video player on the back. Kizuna AI is depicted in her signature "install" pose.

There may be some hidden easter eggs in the numbers... Can you find out what they mean?

This design is available on a black shirt, as well as a black hoodie.

There's one last thing! When you order an item, you get a special limited sticker matching the design!

And that's it! What do you think? Feel free to join our Discord server to discuss the new collection! To view more photos from our the kaomoji x Kizuna AI collection, go here.

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