KAOMOJI X aiu404l

KAOMOJI X aiu404l

You might or might not be aware, but we have launched a new collection! (if the latter is the case, you clearly are not following us on Instagram nor are you in our official Discord server, which you should, because you are honestly missing out!)
This collection is a collaboration between kaomoji and aiu, also known as aiu404l on twitter! Each of the designs are either based on a cute meme culture reference, ranging from Anya (from Spy x Family) dropping her pizza to cute anime girls representing their fave drinks! Without further ado, let me tell you a bit more about the designs! 🥚


Floor Pizza

Have you ever gone out to get a fresh pizza, only to drop it a few seconds after receiving it? >.<
If so, Anya relates with you. :(
Time to share the pain (or just the funny meme) with the world.
This artwork is available as a hoodie, a t-shirt IN 3 DIFFERENT COLORS and as a sticker!

wow backword is w0w

Inspirational quotes on clothing?
You got it! Blow everyones mind with this cool quote!
Even aiu herself is flabbergasted! >.< 🥚

Eva Drip

You know Shinji, you know mr. Garfield. Let's combine every little thing we love and you get this design!
What references do you see?
Are you a true master by knowing them all? 😎

Today is A Day

Today sure is a day! The aiu collab just got released!
Wow, what a good day! >.< awawawa
show everyone your mood with this cool design!!!

Drinky girls

Have you ever wondered what your favorite drink would look like as a cute anime girl?
What if you didn't have to pretend anymore?
Here we have these cute girls with their favorite drinks, like Monsert!
Which girl has stolen your heart?


All these designs are all available on t-shirts, hoodies and as stickers!
Where will you place your stickers?🧐

The pre-order sale is live right now! Pre-orders will be delivered at the end of November and will have additional goodies packed with them! So what are you waiting for? Go check it out, right here



What do you think about this new collection? Let us know in the comments down below!🥚

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