You might or might not be aware, but we just launched a new collection! (if the latter is the case, you clearly are not following us on Instagram nor are you in our official Discord server, which you should, because you are missing out!)
Maybe you are one of the few lucky people who already have their hands on the collection, due to us selling some of the items at Made In Asia Gorinchem last week!

Do not worry, we have released the items for everyone!

Inspired by the beautiful blooming cherry season, we have launched our new Hanami!🌸collection.

Not one, not two, but nine (!) new clothing items!


This collection focuses entirely on the traditional Japanese cherry blossom event called Hanami. During this event, you can enjoy the view over the blossoming cherry trees. Thus, the main emphasis is of course... Cherry blossoms! On the t-shirt, it is written «Hanami» in hiragana. Behind, the translation of the Japanese text is: ‘’Even though the seasons change this feeling will remain the same.’’ This is the same sentence used in our previous Worlds hoodie.



This t-shirt and hoodie are inspired by the picnic activity beneath the cherry blossoms called Hanami, but at night!

The design at the back shows a window-shaped frame adorned with two stars, showing the view of cherry blossom branches.

Only available on a black t-shirt and hoodie to incorporate the nighttime feeling!


Let me introduce you to Blossom. Her design is inspired by 80s anime.. She enjoys celebrating Hanami and Yozakura every year. Blossom is very sparkly and wants to meet other people! She would be very happy if you bought the black or white t-shirt to meet with you. Moreover, her primary goal is to explore the world with you! Maybe to help her dream come true, get the Sakura Worlds hoodie that’s available in black. 👀

Sakura Worlds

It’s back!
One of our fan favorites has been revamped to match the beautiful Hanami season setting.
I remember wearing the original hoodie underneath cherry blossom trees. Good times. :)
Now, let’s make new memories together all over the world!

Caps and stickers

It’s getting brighter outside and you may be blinded by the sun. Why not wear one of the three new caps not only to protect your face from the sun, but also to be stylish? Three designs were made to make your outfit complete! The Hanami cap is available in black and the Sakura Petal cap is available in black and white.

Of course, there are stickers available which are also Hanami themed, you will also get one when purchasing the new collection.

Do you like this concept? Got any questions regarding the new collection? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below! 

This blog was written by both Lish and Lizie (the intern) Thank you!

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