COMING SOON: kaomoji x Kizuna AI collaboration

COMING SOON: kaomoji x Kizuna AI collaboration

We’ve got some exciting news! We have another celebrity collaboration coming up.
None other than virtual talent, gamer and singer Kizuna AI will be the star of our upcoming collection.
Don’t know who Kizuna AI is? Don’t worry, we’ll get you up to speed.


Who is Kizuna AI? 

Okay, so let’s recap the impressive history of Kizuna AI.

Kizuna AI is a virtual internet star who started a YouTube channel, A.I.Channel, in December of 2016. Kizuna AI quickly became really popular and now has over 2.86 million (!) subscribers. Not just that, Kizuna AI also has a gaming channel (A.I.Games) which has over 1.53 million subscribers. Pretty cool, right

As if being such a big virtual talent wasn’t cool enough, Kizuna AI also made multiple appearances on television shows and even in commercials. Kizuna AI is not just popular in Japan, but is now growing an international fan base as well. 
Thought that was all? Think again! Because Kizuna AI is also a very talented singer with millions of Spotify streams. Talk about versatile.

Kizuna AI has won multiple awards and overall Kizuna AI is just really cool. So we’re super excited to share this collaboration with you!
On the 29th of December 2020 Kizuna AI will give a FREE live concert via YouTube and other platforms. You can find out more about this by clicking here.

About the collaboration

Our collaboration with Kizuna AI consists of awesome merchandise for everyone who is a Kizuna AI fan. The designs will feature Kizuna AI stylized in your favourite kaomoji streetwear style.

We’re not gonna show you anything just yet, but if you follow our Instagram we might give you a little sneak peek ;)

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