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Back 2 School Anime

Yahallo! After collaborating with Lish on her latest blog, which you can read here, this time I am on my own :( 

This week’s blog is all about anime happening in a school setting. School…some can’t wait to rush home when it is over, whilst others stays until they are getting send away because the building has to close. I am kind of someone who is in between: I never disliked school to the extent that I really wanted to get out asap, I would normally just chill around and see if there are people I know chilling as well. - Those who have read my previous blogs might have seen that I have always started my blogs with Yahallo!, which is a catchphrase I got from Oregairu (Yaharoo~) so you might thought it was only natural if I would write about that one, but WRONG! It is definitely a very good school anime, but I haven’t seen the latest season yet so I can’t really give my true opinion. - But that is enough about me already, lets see what other interesting school anime are out there!

Assassination Classroom

Yes, the first one indeed is all about assassination. And I hear you thinking; “what..? they are teaching students how to kill??” Yes, that is indeed the case. But they have to do the assassination in order to save the earth! You see, one day a part of the moon got blasted away by a mysterious creature, and the same faith awaits the earth… The only way to prevent this is by assassinating this creature before he uses his special attack again.

The students in class 3-E are responsible for this task, and are trained by this crazy yellow octopus. They soon find out that their teacher is the one responsible for the destruction of the moon. And to successfully graduate from this school, the students have to assassinate their teacher! The weapons the students use are only effective on this yellow octopus, and therefore harmless to other people. However, assassinating their teacher is not an easy task: not only does class 3-E consists of the worst students of the school, their teacher has super powers making him incredibly fast, strong, and agile. Nonetheless, this octopus does his genuine best in order to teach his students all the fighting technique and gun skills they need in order to assassinate him.

Once a bunch of individuals, the students in this Assassination Classroom starts to work together, forming not only close bonds with each other, but also with their octopus teacher… Will they be able to assassinate him when it matters most?

Normally I don’t really like an anime with such a huge cast as that of Assassination Classroom (easily 20+), but I really loved how every single student in this class played a role in this anime. Of course, everyone have their own weaknesses, which they can compensate for each other, but more importantly, they all have their own strengths. And they sure do make good use of it!


Have you ever regretted something you have or haven’t done in the past? What if you could go back to change it all up? Arata, a 27 year old, is mindlessly hopping jobs after he resigned from his first job. Then, one day he stumbles upon Ryou, who is a staff member of the ReLife Research Institute. Ryou offers Arata the possibility to get back into high school for one year and change or do whatever Arata regretted not doing when he was a high schooler! After pondering for a while and thinking that his current life isn’t much excitement anyway, he took the offer and swallowed a mysterious pill. The next day he found himself looking ten years younger! He was immediately enrolled in a high school as a transfer student.

Only his appearance changed, but all his memories and experiences of high school remained. So he was pretty confident that he would ace all the exams… However, he quickly found out that A LOT has changed compared to when he was in high school for the first time. He basically failed all his exams, and had to take resits for every subject. Not only were the subjects taught in school different, the policy also changed. A great example for this was on his first day: Arata saw how some of the other students were on their phone during lunch break, and broke out in sweat thinking how bold it was to use a phone in school. He then quickly learned that mobile usage is quite normal in school nowadays.

Arata will be going through a tough year, in which his old experiences are basically worth nothing, as he has to hide his true identity from his class mates or the so called experiment will end and they will forget all about his existence. There is another catch: his classmates will forget about him when he graduate in one year anyway. Knowing this will all be an illusion for them, will Arata be able to connect with his class mates on a deeper level?

What I totally like about this anime is that it shows how quick all things are evolving, even ‘just a mere ten years’ is enough to change up things big time! Furthermore, it kept me thinking, what would I do if I had the opportunity to go back to high school and change things, for the better of for the worse? Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed my time during high school, but I won’t deny there were things I wish I would’ve done differently.


Who says a school anime always has to be in a school building?? Lets swap it up and head towards the sea with the next anime:

High School Fleet

There is this slice of life kind of mood in the beginning of the anime, but very soon will turn into something quite more than that! You see, these high school girls, how innocent they might be looking, are actually training in order to navigate warships! The reason is to protect the country from attacks from other countries. These so-called Blue Mermaids have high esteem in the country.

In order to become part of the Blue Mermaids, however, the students have to undergo training. The main character, Akeno, gets named captain of a ship for their first training. All she had to do was navigate her ship to a specific location within the deadline. And it is all smooth sailing, until… the alarms goes off: they are under attack!! They quickly found out that the attacking ship is from the same school they go to! At first they thought they are being attacked with fake attacks. Thinking it is all part of the training, they quickly maneuvered the ship to dodge the torpedoes, only to find out the torpedoes were real and they barely dodged a critical hit!
Why would their own classmates attack them?! They had little time to think about this one, as another set of torpedoes were heading their way! This simply can’t be part of the training, right?!

The deadline was now the least of their worries, as their lives were at stake, making this ‘training’ something they will never remember… that is, if they make it out alive at all…

I really liked this anime for its surprising twist of events, again, it started out quite casual, but don’t judge an anime by its first ten minutes I guess. If you like to watch cute girls surviving out on the sea, this one is definitely one for you! The only downside, as mentioned before, was the huge number of cast, for which 12 episodes are simply not enough to get to know each of the characters well.

That’s it folks! Thank you for reading!
What is your favorite school anime? Let us know in the comments below!

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