Are you ready for Black Friday?

Are you ready for Black Friday?

The end of the year is coming fast (though it feels like we never left March..), which means the holidays are closing in. While we can’t really spend them with all of our loved ones, you can still send people gifts (or buy yourself some).

To help you save some money on holiday gifts, we’re holding a Black Friday sale! All of your favourite items will be reduced in price so you can buy gifts for your friends, siblings, parents and even for your grandma (imagine how good she would look in a Miku t-shirt).

Because we have fans from all over the world, the sale starts on November 26th for most people and on November 27th for those located around Australia. Similarly, the sale ends on November 30th for most, and December 1st for those around Australia.

So keep your eyes peeled if you want to make sure your favourite item is still in stock! If you want to know exactly what time the sale starts, follow our Instagram and Facebook. We’ll announce it there as well!

Hey, psst.. want early access?

We love our loyal fans, so we want to reward them by giving them early access to the Black Friday sale. By signing up to our newsletter, you will receive an email on the 25th for early access to the sale.

You can sign up by filling in the form at the bottom of the page. No worries, we’ll take good care of your email!

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