5 Memorable Anime Mommies

5 Memorable Anime Mommies

It's almost Mother's Day! The day where we go back a notch and take some time to really appreciate the ones who started it all and have been there for us ever since: Our moms!
Just like real life, anime has some wonderful moms which we want to take a moment to highlight. For this list we've picked five great moms who really stuck with us, even long after finishing the anime.

Warning: Spoilers for Made in Abyss & The Promised Neverland!

lyza made in abyss kaomoji blog
Lyza (Made in Abyss)

Fierce, adventurous and playful: Lyza is a gal not to be messed with. She's gone on many expeditions deep into the abyss, but eventually went on one she hasn't returned from in 10 years.
Despite not being around for her daughter Riko growing up, it's clear that she cared a lot for her. After all, she pushed herself to the limit to save Riko's life after giving birth to her in the fourth layer of the abyss. 
Her fate remains unknown for now. Let's hope that Lyza will be reunited with her daughter (and not in a negative way)!


inko midoriya boku no hero academia kaomoji blog
Inko Midoriya (Boku no Hero Academia)

A kind mom who's here for her son Izuku until the very end. She was initially filled with guilt because Izuku turned out to be quirkless, but that turned into full-on support after he inherited the One For All quirk. She even turned his original costume design into a reality.
Her motherly instincts haven't disappeared however, as she still strongly fears for Izuku's safety since he's taken on many dangerous situations and often injures himself on use of his quirk.


isabella promised neverland kaomoji blog
Isabella (The Promised Neverland)

Probably not your first pick, considering how she's viewed as an antagonist for most of the first half of the anime. Which is understandable, after all she is part of a scheme where innocent children are raised to be the perfect meal for demons. However, everything has a reason.
It is learned later on that she had no real choice in the matter, and she made sure that all of the children she fostered at least had a happy life before ultimately having to be shipped out. And she tried to prevent their escape only because her own attempt long ago turned out to be futile.
Overall she would make a great mom if not for the messed up world she and the children live in.


mamako oosuki okaasan online kaomoji blog
Mamako Oosuki (Okaa-san Online)

Now here's a true mommy 😳
You've probably seen her pout before, as that image really blew up on the internet not long ago. Behind this cute face hides a kind and compassionate mom who definitely deserves a spot on this list!
She, together with her son Masato, are beta testers for an isekai MMORPG. Mamako turns out to be so strong that the others question whether they're even needed! Masato is initially annoyed at his mom due to her having way higher stats, but eventually he warms up to her.


delia ketchum pokemon kaomoji blog
Delia Ketchum (Pokémon)

There isn't a soul out there who hasn't heard of her (or so I would hope, with Pokémon's unwavering popularity). That's right, we're talking about Ash Ketchum's mom Delia! Where would the adventure be if not for her?
Though she mainly got her screentime in the first season, she's appeared from time to time later on to show support for her son whenever he needed it. All in all, she's a very kind and gentle mom who couldn't be more proud of her son.


That's it for the list! Obviously there are lots more great picks out there, and we'd love to hear yours! Make sure to let us know your favorite anime mom down below.

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