3 Swimming Anime to Start Your Summer Right!

3 Swimming Anime to Start Your Summer Right!

Summer is near! Everyone is looking for ways to cool down, and what better way to do that than to go swimming? Or rather, watching 2D characters having a beach episode the entire time!
Here are three anime about swimming. Get your swimsuit and sunscreen, we’re going to dive right in!

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

This show is infamous for it’s incredible plot, mostly appealing to the female audience. But did you know there’s an actual storyline? This show has 3 seasons, multiple movies and specials waiting for you. What is it about? Let me tell you!

Haruka Nanase has a love (even borderline obsession) with both water and swimming!
Back in elementary school he competed and won a relay race with three of his friends, Matsuoka Rin, Hazuki Nagisa and Tachibana Makoto. After the victory, the four friends went their separate ways.
Years later they reunited in the same highschool, Iwatobi. Except Rin, who couldn’t care less about returning to the way it was. Rin didn’t just attend another highschool, he also joined a swim club trying to prove to everyone that he’s a better swimmer than Haruka.
At this bitter news, the three boys start up their own swim club, but are a member short. The search for the fourth member begins!

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Truly one of the most underrated anime of all time. A hidden gem, if you will.
If you’re a fan of a loving cast and a soothing setting, this will definitely be for you!
It has two seasons, as well as an OVA.

Futaba Ooki is an introverted 16 year old city girl. Spending most of her time on her phone photographing good memories, she recently moved to a seaside town. While waiting for her city friends to send her a text all lonely, she started gazing over the beautiful sea, becoming captivated by its beauty and it’s endless possibilities.
Starting school the day after, she started mentally preparing herself for her introduction at home. The next day on the school grounds she met a very energetic and odd green haired girl, blowing a diving whistle with every step she takes while fooling around with a cat.
Finding out they’re in the same class and seated close to each other, they introduced themselves. The girl is called Hikari Kohinata, with the nickname Pikari, since she’s incredibly peppy. Hikari took a great liking to Futaba, giving her the nickname Teko.
Struggling to adjust to the change of pace in her life, Futaba gets strung along with Hikari’s passion for diving. Together, they join their schools’ diving club and broaden Futaba’s horizons.

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Grand Blue

Ready for some alcohol drinking university students mixed with adult jokes? If so, this short 12 episode anime is for you! But… Where’s the swimming in this?

The main character Iori Kitahara moved to the town of Izu, next to the ocean, for his freshman year at university. Taking residence above his uncle’s scuba diving shop called Grand Blue, things started to change for him. He had high hopes and dreams about having the ideal college experience, which changed as soon as he entered the store.
Upon entering he gets sucked into the alcoholic activities of the members of the Diving Club, who visit the shop often.
Meeting his upperclassmen Shinji Tokita and Ryuujirou Kotobuki in said activities, he reluctantly joined, when right after his cousin Chisa Kotegawa walks in. Caught in the act of the… alcoholic activities, Iori lost the respect Chisa used to have for him.
Misadventures continue in this weird scuba diving club.

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Have you cooled down yet? If not, no worries! There’s more swimming or beach anime out there. These were my picks just for you, to pull you through this heat.
Got any recommendations that you want to share? Be sure to leave a comment!


-Team Kaomoji

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