3 picks from Lishu's completed list

3 picks from Lishu's completed list

There's a limited amount of genres and settings in anime.
That's why I decided to use a roulette wheel to bring attention to some of the shows I've completed over the years!
They've been picked randomly, so you'll see some well known and very unknown shows pop up.
Time to fill up that plan to watch list of yours!


Owari No Seraph

When the world gets hit by a mysterious virus that kills every normal person above the age of 13, humans become enslaved by the hidden and power hungry vampires. Emerging to take control of the world, they promise to protect the survivors, but only in exchange for their blood.

Among the survivors of the virus are two young boys, taken captive from an orphanage along with other children, are our main characters Yuuichiro and Mikaela.
Being discontent by being treated as livestock for the vampires, Mikaela thinks up of an escape plan that's doomed to fail. In the end, it did fail and only one survivor makes it out alive, Yuuichiro.
Found by the Moon Demon Company (a company that exterminates vampires in Japan) Yuuichiro becomes determined to take revenge on the creatures that killed his family, but at what cost?

I have to admit, I saw this show back when it aired in 2015, so I don't remember a lot about it myself.
All I know that the interactions were fun, the plot was interesting enough to keep you pulled in, and well, Shinya.
According to my myanimelist, I rated this a 7/10.
This anime has a second season, so enough to binge!



Anne Happy♪

Welcome to Tennomifune Academy, an elite school for the best, except for class 1-7.
They’re called the “Happiness Class”. Why?
Each member of the classroom deals with personal misfortunes, the special class is made to help them move past their problems and find happiness.

Each classmate has their own problem, ranging from incredibly bad luck to bad health.
Our main characters An Hanakoizumi, Ruri Hibarigaoka and Botan Kumegawa, along with their classmates, do their best to overcome their bad luck and try to find a life filled with joy.

When did this air again? Oh I see, 2016!
Also a very long time ago. This show is just happy go luck, cute anime girls doing cute things. It was enjoyable, but very episodic in my opinion, which isn't bad!
The opening is a banger, maybe give that a listen before starting the 12 episode anime!
I also rated this show a 7/10 on myanimelist.



Hacka Doll The Animation

Welcome to the future!
Please welcome your new Hacka Dolls, the AI that will help you find the right recommendations for you. Ranging from news articles to getting encouragement to sell your homemade BL at a convention.
They’re always ready to help you out, but beware, these three are a handful.
Quality has dropped severely during production, which gave these three a personality defect.
Despite these issues, they take their mission seriously and always enthusiastically try to help you out!

Another show from 2015 that I gave a 7/10 to!
Seems like these picks all had a thing in common, having a Lish rating of a 7/10.
A 7 isn’t bad, so don’t feel discouraged from checking these shows out.
If you don’t have a lot of time, Hacka Doll is perfect, as it has 12 episodes that run for 7 minutes per episode!
It’s quick, it’s fast and easy to binge!

So, what do you think of these random picks?
Have you seen any of these, let me know in the comments below!
I sure wonder what the next randomly picked anime list will be like.

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