3 ongoing manga you need to start reading

3 ongoing manga you need to start reading

Have you finished most of the manga you were reading or are you bored with the current ones you're trying so hard to complete? Don't worry!
I have always tried to find really unknown manga so that I can spread the good word, and lucky you, I'm sharing them with you now!
Maybe these awesome three manga went underneath your radar, so let’s take a look at these hidden gems. Make sure to support the creators in any way you can by telling people about it and buying the original volumes online!


Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable!

You’ve most likely heard of Dress Up Darling, now how about gyarus in a cold environment? That’s how this manga starts taking place! 
Our main character Tsubasa Natsukawa has just moved from Tokyo to Hokkaido in the middle of winter. He gets out of a taxi in a town before he gets to his destination so that he can explore his new environment, until he finds out that the next town over is a 3 hour walk away!
He then meets our cute heroine, Minami Fuyuki, a gyaru that’s outside in the freezing cold with a short skirt and bare legs!
The two start talking and a beautiful story full of extraordinary friendships and comedic moments starts.💖

This manga is receiving an anime adaptation this year!
Please look forward to it and support it as much as you can!

Akebi's Sailor Uniform

Since she was young, Akebi has always wanted to wear a sailor uniform, but the problem is, the school she was gonna attend has since replaced the old sailor uniform with a blazer uniform. However due to her charisma, and the fact that her mother made that uniform on her own, the principal gave her special consideration and let her wear her sailor uniform, hence the title of the manga.
Now that she has entered the school, she wants to make a hundred friends, as she never truly met someone her age before at her previous small schools that only had one or two other students beside her.
Full of energy and a positive attitude, she starts her new school life!

This manga currently has a 12 episode anime adaptation!
It features the beautiful animation of studio Cloverworks..




Gokurakugai follows the daily lives of Tao and Alma, who run the Gokuraku Troubleshooter's Office, an out-of-the-way business that aims to solve problems for a good price.
Meet one of our leads, Tao, a chain smoking gorgeous woman who isn't above killing, especially not when she has a side hustle as a calamity killer.🚬
And don't you dare forget her partner in crime, Alma, an energetic but careless boy who is skilled in martial arts.

They make the best duo when it comes to finishing the assignments they receive, although they might leave behind some collateral damage. Located in the red light district, they get some of the most unusual clients. Far from being beacons of justice and morality in this ruthless world, Tao and Alma simply do as they please. 💢

As of writing this, the manga has 5 chapters and a previous one shot of the same characters in the same setting!
It’s definitely worth checking out.




Oh man, these are three of the manga updates I always look forward to!
I hope that one day these will get an official english release.
What are some of your favorite ongoing manga that are mostly left undiscovered?
Please leave them in the comments down below, I'm always up for some cool new stories!
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