3 manga to get you outside

3 manga to get you outside

The weather is getting better.
Sun is shining, the wind is gentle on your skin, plants in full bloom!
It's time to go outside, explore the world!
Hm? What's that?
Oh, you don't have the energy to go outside?
That's ok, maybe sit down and read these manga, they will fill you up with inspiration!

Tabi Gal! Nihon Juudan Chari Kikou

Our main character, Michika Michibata, is ready to go!
With her bicycle prepared, a bag full of handy items, she’s ready to bike from Kagoshima all the way to… Hokkaido?
Prepared to ride her bike 2800 km just to attend her friend’s wedding, she sets out, ready to venture the world.
Why go all the way by bike? Our beloved main character has motion sickness, making her unable to use any type of transport besides her trusty bicycle.
Things are way harder than it seems; her bike breaks down, bringing the wrong food, mountains, a lot of problems get in her way.
But everything is okay, as she meets interesting people along the way!

Zatsu Tabi: That’s Journey

An 18 year old rookie mangaka, Chika Suzugamori, has gotten her manga draft rejected over and over again. Feeling like she’s stuck and on the verge of even giving up her dream, she decides to make a twitter poll to get out of her shell.
Wanting to go out on an adventure, she asks the followers in which direction she should travel; North, West, East or South.
Where will she end up? What sights will she see?
You can follow her adventures in this manga! :)
Currently it has 5 chapters translated, but the chapters are a bit on the longer site.
I hope more will get translated!


Yama to Shokuyoku to Watashi

Hibino Ayumi is a 27 year old, single and completely average office lady. However in her free time, she turns into a solo climber!
Prepared to tackle the hard pathways/routes to get to the top of mountains. Armed with plenty of delicious ingredients, she eats her way through the mountain trails, one by one.
What is better than to sit down, enjoy the view with freshly made food?
You name it!


What is it with me and travel manga?
I am not completely sure, maybe I just wish I could do the same.
How about you? Have you read any manga about traveling?
Please share them with us, we would love to know!
Or tell us about a travel you made yourself. ;)

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