3 funny gag anime to make you smile :)

3 funny gag anime to make you smile :)

Oh shoot! Time went fast.
Unfortunately, summer vacation is over. :(
It's time for school again, boring old school. :(
Let's watch some funny anime to get through it!
Sit down, get some snacks and a drink, it's funny haha time!


The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

To the normal person, special and maybe even magical abilities seem like a blessing. To Kusuo Saiko however, it's more like a nightmare.
Gifted with a lot of different supernatural powers ranging from telepathy to teleportation, he finds all these abilities to be a curse.
As all the inconveniences begin to pile up because of his powers, Kusuo aims to live a very normal and even average life.

Easier said than done, as he shares a class with some of the most exccentric people. Constantly getting their attention one way or another, while trying to blend into the background.
A lot of odd but lovable characters show up time and time again, you will not get bored!
Will Kusuo have at least one average day?
Let's find out!



Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Gugure! Kokkuri-san is a knee-slapping comedy centered around the so called living doll, Kohina Ichimatsu. Her boring life goes from plain to absolutely wacky when she summons a fox spirit by the name of Kokkuri-san. But contrary to popular belief, he is not the answer-granting spirit from the legend, like people thought he was. The loss of believers in modern society has made him powerless.

Upon meeting the girl (doll?) who has summoned him, Kokkuri-san is shocked to discover that she not only lives alone, but only eats cup ramen! Having concern for the young girl, he decides himself to make sure she has proper meals and lives a decent life. And so begins Kokkuri-san's endeavors and their wacky life together.




Lucky☆Star follows the everyday lives of four very cute high school girls Konata Izumi, the laziest otaku; the Hiiragi twins, Tsukasa and Kagami, and the smart and gentle Miyuki Takara.

As they experience their daily lives, their daily conversations and their daily jokes, they develop a wacky friendship with (almost) everyone around!
Ranging from a nice trip with the homeroom teacher to studying for a test.
Wait hold on, are they going to a convention?
The show might sound a little eventful, but it's sure to gain a spot in your heart.
I mean, how can you dislike these sweet girls.


So, what do you think of these funny anime picks?
Have you seen any of these, let me know in the comments below!
Man... Lucky Star is over 10 years old..

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