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3 Cities to visit in Japan

Hey, are you also planning to go to Japan? 🗾
Since the gates are open again, this year’s your chance to go! ✈️
Below are some cities I’d recommend you visit ^^
Of course, Tokyo and Kyoto are places you shouldn’t miss, but did you consider these?
Just in case, lemme convince you (once again) 👀


Capital of the most northern island of Japan, home to one of the coolest festivals is Sapporo! It’s famous for their super delicious food and awe-striking snow festival ❄️

The festival takes place every year at Odori Koen and starts at the beginning of February. Below is just a teeny tiny sample of what kind of sculptures are displayed, you can even find whole castles with balconies and dragons!! 🏯🐉

What’s more, Sapporo has very delicious food! Food you say?? As most of Japan’s dairy comes from the island Hokkaido, Sapporo has no shortage of delicious milk-based products 🥛 No surprise that they even have a chocolate factory! (Ishiya Chocolate Factory)

The seafood there is also super fresh, just mouth-watering omg >-<Photo of Izakaya in Sapporo 居酒屋, and Hatsune Miku figure Snow Festival Hokkaido 雪まつりPic: Izakaya 居酒屋, Snow Festival 雪まつり


A place especially well-known for the deer that freely roam around, Nara!

You might’ve heard about it before, but it’s true! Hundreds of deer walk around all over the place, in parks, temples, your garden, even your toilet 🚽 (Jk, no bathroom deer) Be careful though when you feed them some sembe (Japanese rice cracker), some can come up quite aggressively!

As it is really beautiful in both spring and autumn, this is a good place to go to all year round 🌸 🍃 🍁 ❄️

There are also loads of very nice temples, if that’s for you.

No need to put your camera away, as everything there is truly instagrammable or insta-bae (インスタ映え)as they say in Japanese! 📸Photo of Hase-Dera temple in Japan 長谷寺, deer in Nara Park 奈良公園Pic: Hase-Dera 長谷寺, Nara Park 奈良公園


Within Japan, people from Osaka are known for their humor! For example, if you make a shooting sound and aim at them, they will give a very funny reaction. It is said that the atmosphere in Osaka is much different and very lively. The bustling streets and cool nightlife are definitely a recommendation! 🌆

Moreover, it is also the origin of one of the two main styles of Okonomiyaki (Japanese style pancake, filled with seafood or pork and cabbage). Make sure to try some, as it’s really really good 🤤

You can also find Universal studios and the Osaka castle here!!

Or find yourself at an all-night karaoke, singing the night away 🎤 🎶Photo of Shinsekai with Tsutenkaku (新世界, 通天閣) in Osaka, Osaka style Okonomiyaki お好み焼きPic: Shinsekai, Tsutenkaku (新世界, 通天閣), Okonomiyaki お好み焼き

Hope this list has helped you with planning your travels!
I sure did get some inspiration for my trip ( ≧∇≦)
Comment below your favorite places in Japan and who knows, it might be in the next blog 😊

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