3 anime from the spring season 2022

3 anime from the spring season 2022

Woah, the spring season went by really fast!
So many good shows were airing this season, so let’s see what I’ll share with you guys. :)
I was unable to keep up with all the shows I was watching, but the following three I have (almost) completed!
I feel like some of these shows went under the radar, so here I am trying to bring more attention to them!


Komi Can't Communicate Season 2

After an exciting cultural festival, Komi Shouko continues her quest to make a hundred friends together with her friend and classmate Tadano Hitohito. As winter begins, the class is joined by the seemingly delinquent student Katai Makoto, who has been absent since the very first week of school! Despite Katai’s intimidating appearance, he actually has difficulty communicating with others and just wants to befriend his classmates.

As soon as new friendships form and current ones deepen, Komi and Tadano’s relationship begins to change, though not necessarily for the worse.

I have to be honest, I have not completed the anime as of yet.
HOWEVER, I am up to date with the manga! I recommend both the anime and manga to you.
The chapters might be short, but it’s entertaining enough to keep you invested. A lot of characters appear and you might be unable to keep track of their names, but they all contribute to a funny setting. :)
I’m only 7 episodes into Komi’s second season, but I already give it an 8/10!



The Demon Girl Next Door 2

After waking up from a strange dream of a mysterious ancestor, our high school student Yuuko Yoshida wakes up only to see that she has grown horns and a tail. Confused, her mother reveals to her a dark family secret: her family are descendants from a Dark Clan that was banished to live powerless by their mortal enemies, the magical girls of the Light Clan. The only way to get rid of their ancestry's curse is for Yuuko to find a magical girl, murder her, and splatter her blood all over her ancestor's Demon God statue. Did we mention the ancestor from the dream kind of lives in that statue?

Fortunately for "Shadow Mistress Yuuko," a magical girl saves her from being hit by a truck. Unfortunately, the magical girl called Momo Chiyoda happens to be Yuuko's classmate at Sakuragaoka High and is way stronger than her in both strength and endurance. Taking pity on her wimpy “enemy”, the magical girl agrees to train Yuuko and help her figure out her powers. Now, Yuuko must defeat her frenemy to save her family from poverty.

I was so excited when it was revealed that this anime would get a season 2!
When it aired until episode 10, I started binging this season so I could enjoy it the most.
And I did, I enjoyed the show quite a lot, just like the earlier season back in 2019.
As of writing this, I still need to watch the last episode, but I rated it a 7/10.
I do really miss the first opening, this one is just, meh. And so is the ending of this season. :(



Healer Girl

A new medicinal method just dropped! "Vocal medicine" is the practice of using songs to treat health conditions and injuries. Young people around the world strive to master the art and become "healers" to help people just by using the power of their voices.

Among those many potential healers in training is Kana Fujii, a naturally talented singer who was inspired to pursue becoming a healer after a life-changing experience. Along with Reimi Itsushiro and Hibiki Morishima, Kana trains at Karasuma Phoniatric Clinic under the mentorship of Ria Karasuma, a high class healer, if not the best!

As they try to achieve their dreams, Kana and her friends meet various  healers along the way, discovering that there is much more to vocal medicine than just studying songs!

Healer girl, it shouldn’t be surprising they started singing at random times, but it still caught me off guard.
Have you ever heard of bards? Now they’re a healer too! (I'm not too familiar at the functions of a bard)
The songs were nice to listen to, incredibly soothing too, but none of the songs stuck with me.
The story, in my opinion, was a bit wacky at times. With such a cool concept, you’d think they’d use the ability a lot more, but instead of that, they didn’t use it enough.
It did, however, focus on the perfection of singing songs for the best results, which included some cool information on the abilities.

I finished the show, but nothing of the show stuck with me. Gave it a 7/10 as I kind of enjoyed the ride. Concept was just really cool!

So, what do you think of my picks for this anime season?
Are there shows I might have overlooked?
Be sure to let me know in the comments below!
On to the summer season!

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