3 anime dads to celebrate!

3 anime dads to celebrate!

Happy (almost) fathers day!
It’s time to celebrate some anime daddies!
There were a lot to pick from (including NOT fathers but just handsome men) and we have made our list!
We have also decided on men that are great father figures or would be an amazing dad!
Let’s get into it, who are kaomoji’s favorite anime daddies?

Loid Forger - Spy x Family

This season's favorite dad!
You should be knowing about this beloved dad, if not, here’s a quick explanation to tell you WHY he’s an amazing dad!

He’s just everything a dad should be. Caring about his family, wanting to protect them, no matter the threat.
He cares a lot for his fake daughter and fake wife, an admirable man.
I haven’t seen this anime myself, but I just know he’s an amazing dad.
Might start the show…

Tatsu - Way of the househusband

He might not be a dad, but he would be the best dad.
He tries his best, although his old yakuza ways make it seem very eerie.
You can see in the show he cares a lot about his wife Miku, trying to do as much for her as he can.
Unfortunately, the police get involved at times, for example him rushing to his bicycle to bring the bento he made to his wife.
The police thought he looked a bit suspicious, so began the series of misunderstandings.
Of course it also helps that he's voiced by Tsuda Kenjirou, a voice actor with a very appealing voice!


Zeff - One Piece

Another character that’s not actually a dad, but a father figure instead!
This might be spoiler territory, but it’s all revealed within the first 30ish episodes of One Piece.
Don’t want to get spoiled? Feel free to scroll down!

Zeff, a chef on a pirate ship, decides to rob the ship that Sanji stayed at.
Sanji was around 10 years old by then.
Wanting to protect the ship, Sanji tried to attack him, but to no avail.
He falls overboard in the storm that was plaguing the fight.
Zeff, not wanting to have the knowledge of actually killing a small child, dives after him to save his life.
Sanji was saved, stranded on an island with Zeff.
After weeks of being stuck, they were saved by a ship passing by. Due to reasons I won’t get into, Sanji follows Zeff.
He then basically gets raised by him into becoming an even better chef and into a reasonable and respectful adult. (Of course with a bit of a potty mouth, but what do you expect from pirates.)
Their relationship is truly something else, this bond is incredibly strong!

So much love for the dads!
What did you think of our picks of anime dads/father figures?
Who do you nominate as the best anime dad?
Let us know in the comments below!

Happy fathers day!

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