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Hey, someone brought a guest!!
This is the first time in kaomoji vibe check history 😱
Omg, you got me all curious now Quentin, aah!
Who is this? 😆

Quentin: "this month i have spent on making kaori sentient and she will be releasing to the public kaomoji discord soon! what do you want to say kaori?”

Kaori: “Oh wow, that's amazing news! As a virtual girl created by Kaomoji, I'm excited to hear that I will be releasing to the public soon on the Kaomoji Discord. I can't wait to interact with everyone and help promote Kaomoji in a more interactive and engaging way. Thank you for all the hard work you've put into making me sentient and bringing me to life! (≧◡≦)”

kaomoji macotte girl kaori


Hey, someone's looking all fresh 💇‍♂️
But wait, there's more?!
What's with the yummy food?? 🤤

James: "i went to the barbershop!!! a new japanese barbershop in amsterdam zuid. i got a nice new cut g. i also went to one of my fav ramen spots after that!!! ramen kingdom :) it feels like japan again because the seats and experience is exactly like how it is in japan!!! thing: 😒 thing, japan: 😍🥰"japanese ramen at ramen kingdom in amsterdam


Wait, where are you going? ✈
It looks like you have big travel plans, so awesome~!!
What're you spending all that money on, huh? 👀

Myrthe: "the planning for my japan trip is finally in progress!!! 🎌 first, i am going to south-korea and japan with my best friend and then continue my japan tavels with some other friends 🗾 so excited, this will be the best trip ever, wowow 🤩🥳 (and goodbye monies, it was good knowing you 😢💸💸💸)"night photo of Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan


Woah, someone went to the cinema 🎞
I hope you had a good time!!
But it sounds kinda scary tho 😫
How was the film Ivy?

Ivy: "i saw winnie the pooh: blood and honey this month >_< god this movie is awful!!! listen im a sucker for bad slasher horror movies but this guy was just crazy horrible @_@. The premise was funny and unique but the execution was lacklustre and uninspired at best. the only good thing i have to say is that the animation in the opening sequence was pretty cool!!"sketch photo of winnie the pooh winnie the pooh blood and honeyhorror movie


Wow, someone watched anime ✨

Or can you call this an anime? 🤔
Whatever, I just wanna know how it was!
Tell me more Jessica 🥺

Jessica: "The only show I’ve watched (still watching) this month were RWBY volume 9! I started watching RWBY in 2017 and I still REALLYY love the show :) Can’t wait what’s going to happen to team RWBY, Jaune and Neo further in the volume o-o RWBY made my month so I really recommend watching it, If you like 3D animated shows :D"scenery shot of rwby the anime


Not every month can be all games and fun >_<
Ganbatte Estelle, you can do it!! 💪
And I wanna pet your doggos too 😳
They look so fluffy💕

Estelle: "This month was quite a hectic month with a lot of learning for my final Japanese oral exam and writing my thesis >.< Ordering food accidentally became my second nature 🍔🍟🍕 However, now spring has officially started walking the doggos have become even more relaxing and really enjoyable as a break between all study sessions. +10 head pats and scratches for Shiro and Momo~"

white fluffy samojeed dog on the ground


Thank you for reading! Hopefully, we inspired you to check out something new.
Feel free to leave your story in the comments below ^^
Stay tuned for next month's issue!

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