Vibe Check July 2023

Vibe Check July 2023

Welcome to the Monthly Vibe Check!

A monthly blog where we share our experiences from the past month. We highlight what made it special for us. Thank you for joining us!


James has been wearing his headphones more and more at the office, what could he be listening to? :D


"this month i have been listening to four different albums non-stop. just wanted to share them with you and i hope you get inspired by it hehe."

New Jeans - Get Up fav song - Super Shy i love them 😭😭😭😭 their voices are so angelic. their music is so different compared to 'standard' k-pop. UK garage, jersey, dnb hints.

Lil Uzi Vert - Pink Tape fav song - The End

this album is crazy. its really uzi's personalty all over the place lol. hip hop, rock, punk, metal and BABY METAL????

Tainy - DATA fav song - Lo Siento BB

super producer. he can really produce amazing music. this is his first solo studio album. a lot of great artists on this album. if you like latin, spanish or reaggeton give this a listen.

Nujabes - Departure fav song - Aruarian Dance

the pioneer of lo-fi hiphop before it was a thing. i love this album greatly and listen to it on days when i want to relax and chill. this album is also the OST of samurai champloo!

jazzy hip-hop, sampling and just relaxing beats.



hiiiiiii, whatcha doinnggg?? :3

Everything is always connected...

This month, I've been immersing myself in the realm of JavaScript programming. Despite starting from a place of no coding experience, I've managed to tap into resources like the Chat GPT code interpreter and GitHub to build something entirely new.

My main project has been Kaori, a pre-existing Discord chatbot that I developed using GPT-3.5. I embarked on a mission to enhance her capabilities, and I'm proud to say I've made significant strides. Kaori now goes beyond simply chatting - she can assign and manage roles on Discord, all on her own!

I owe a great deal of this progress to the Chat GPT code interpreter. It's been a crucial tool in my journey, and I'm looking forward to discovering what more I can learn and achieve moving forward.


BOOMM!!!~ >__<


Last weekend, Quentin and I did the best thing of 2023. We went and saw both Barbie and Oppenheimer on the same day and it was truly epic!

We went an saw Barbie during the day and it was suspiciously quiet???
Quentin loved Barbie so much that he said that he wasn’t excited for Oppenheimer anymore; because he was sure it couldn’t be better than Barbie.

My main event of the night truly was Oppenheimer, I was hyped for this movie ever since I saw a trailer months ago at the cinema. I got cozy and the theatre was truly PACKED. Not a single seat was empty lmao.

It was such a great movie, and kept my full attention the entire 3 hours, I also came home with a slight obsession over Cillian Murphy lol. :33


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Stay tuned for the adventures we encounter in next month's vibe check. :D
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