Vibe Check January 2024

Vibe Check January 2024

Welcome to the Monthly Vibe Check!

A monthly blog where we share our experiences from the past month. 

This month is all about January, with loved ones leaving and newcomers joining the team. You can also explore interesting tastes in music and poetry here. We highlight what made it special for us. Thank you for joining us!


golden memories 

:( and :)'

"every 5-6 months, there's always a change in the kaomoji team. i am sad to see people leaving from kaomoji team :( im glad everyone had a great time and is going to pursue a new opportunity in life :). miss you and thank you!!!

and i am also super excited to see new faces in the kaomoji team! happy to have amber and mars now 🤩"



Special mushrooms that turns you in a special frog!

beware the forest's mushrooms (SMRPG)

"(I played a lot of Super mario RPG on my nintendo switch this month)"

pikmin 1 and 2 and pikmin 3,

pikmin new play control for the wii,

pikmin 4 and 5, pikmin 6, pikmin 7,

pikmin eighteen billion and eleven

pikmin 3 deluxe and hey pikmin,

pikmin temptation and pikmin sin,

pikmin on your ipad its called pikmin bloom,

brand new crossover with Pikmin and Doom


pikmin fortnite''



Eeyy what the rat doin? 

change da world my final message. Goodbye

''apolgy for bad english

where were u wen team kaomoji die

i was at house eating dorito when phone ring

"team kaomoji is kil"



new chapter, catch my tears

My last vibecheck TT_TT

"Hi Everyone! This will be my last vibecheck ;w; but it’s for a good cause! im going back to college!! I will be taking a major in ICT, starting this february. I’ve truly enjoyed my time here and i’m very grateful for everyone’s support, and the wonderful experiences i have had at the office and at conventions. I will look back on this period with a lot of love. With lots of love, goodbye for now! <3 "


New chapter of the gacha life 

Let the Gacha be with you

''Hello dear travelers,

Today marks the beginning of my journey into the real gacha of life. As I step into the unknown, I carry with me the excitement of unpredictability and the thrill of discovering what fate has in store. Yes, I will continue my studies in order to graduated from school and begin a new chapter of my life. I am glad that I could do my internship at kaomoji for almost a whole year! Thanks for everything kaomoji…!! c:

May the odds be in our favor. Jessica aka Myst >.<''


stronger than you!

”let the car distribution system find you”

''My last vibecvheckkkk waaaAAAaaaAAAA (╥﹏╥) My internship has sadly ended. I had an absolutely amazing time!! I learned A TON and it was really fun :3 I’m gonna miss everyone so much ;—; I’ll def still be active in the community tho. I’m so glad I got to experience this and make so many new friends. It’s very bittersweet I’m def gonna be sad but I’m also looking forward returning to school and make my works 1000x better than before with my experience (plus I’m totally gonna flex my kaomoji model pics mwheheheheheh >:3) If you see me around, be sure to come say hi :3 For now I’ll catch y’all on the flipside B))

With much love and cat memes, Fay A.K.A. sweetsies •⩊• ♡''


who that?

Meet Amber the new intern :D

''Hi!! I'm Amber Lei, 20 years old. I'm currently in school studying Digital Design and Motion. I live with my boyfriend and our two silly feathered kids, Tofu and Chippy! (birbs) They can be quite stubborn, but I love them a lot. Things that i enjoy are cartoons, Ghibli, and anime. The Last Airbender and Owl house are my favorite shows! Spirited Away and how to train your dragon are my favorite movies! I'm also a big fan of gaming. My favorite games are Splatoon 3, Stardew Valley, and Omori. As for books, my favorite is Six of Crows.

So, that's a bit about me. Nice to meet you! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧''

Thank you for reading! Feel free to add a comment below. 

Stay tuned for the adventures we encounter in next month's vibe check. :D

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