🎆 Vibe Check December 🎆

🎆 Vibe Check December 🎆

Welcome to the Monthly Vibe Check!

A monthly blog where we share our experiences from the past month. We highlight what made it special for us. Thank you for joining us!


git gud bozo


hiiiiii, my december was pretty mid. a streak of BAD luck came over me lmao. really hoping my January will be better! Despite being sick over Christmas, we celebrated with a small family gathering. I made my infamous mushrooms marinated in soy sauce and garlic, once pan fried they have a really nice and meaty texture. :)


whaaaaah cute bunny!! :D

I made a bunny!

i fashioned a wee bunny plushie out of an old pillow case this weekend! i attached the arms and legs with buttons and ribbon so they can move and hold various poses :P see pic above^^


Damnnn grind goes crazy

Gacha grind again ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶) ᕗ

This December I've finished my internship essay :) mmmh.. after completing the essay, I spent some time grinding in Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail. hihi anyway :3 I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and in advance, I wish you all a Happy New Year! c:


we hope your passion project goes well!!


hello i am working on a new personal project. i am trying to make a new social game like whirled from scratch in just html and JS its still very secret and being developed. i am creating it together with a good friend of mine and we have no idea what we are doing lol. however we a learning a lot in the process are things get easier each time! stay tuned for more :)


someone here is JOLLY >:з 


Christmas was amazing!! It was nice to spend some time with family again, it’s refreshing ^^ Gave and got nice presents too hihi. And food…. too much food… i feel a bit nauseous whahahahaha XD I hope everyone had a nice and cozy christmas as well <33


ending the year in a banger i see :D

december wham

december was a vibe!!! had good food and celebrated xmas with friends, family and girlfriend, i saw cool stuff and cat!!! i made a collage with some photos i took in december. happy holidays and happy new year everyone!!!!!! <3 -james


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